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We have finally moved!

According to a 2016 survey by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, more Americans than ever before are getting the exercise their bodies need. Of course, this is great news. Reams of data show a link between well-being and physical activity. This increase in activity will undoubtedly have widespread positive effects. But as the number of fitness-minded individuals climbs, so does the amount of misinformation about fitness and weight loss circulating on the internet. Unless they’re professionals, like trainers or physical therapists, it’s best to avoid the advice of well-meaning, but misled, people. Here are a fewmyths about exercise you’ve almost certainly heard before—and that youmay still believe. 1 You can eat whatever you want and still lose weight if you work out hard enough. On the surface, the way we lose weight seems pretty simple. If youmanage to expendmore calories than you ingest, your body is forced to use up some of its stored energy, usually in the formof fat. However, creating that caloric deficit is a lot easier to achieve by changing what you eat than by wiping yourself out on the track. Think of it this way. When you scarf down that half pint of ice creamduring a Netflix binge, you’re probably taking in about 500 calories. According to, in order to burn all the calories off, the average person would have to run five miles! And that’s just to get back to baseline, without factoring in the calories from your regular meals. But that’s not to say exercise is a waste. By coupling a healthy diet with regular exercise, you can reduce the need for dramatic changes in your lifestyle while still shedding pounds. You’ll get the enormous litany of health and happiness benefits that come from regular physical activity. It’s not just about burning fat! T he 4 B iggest F itness M yths Y ou P robably B elieve

Nomore dealing with the loud, shaky elevator! Newcare Physical Therapy is finally New! We moved into a great location in Berkeley Lake. We’re on the first floor, and there’s ample parking and a covered drop-off area to avoid the rain. We’re really excited for our new place, and although we have included pictures, you’ll have to see it for yourself! This is our BIGTHANKYOU for allowing us to serve you. To thank you, our valued clients, we are having a day of completely free exams for: • All past clients who have not been seen in PT inmore than three months • All present clients who have another problem currently not being treated • All loved ones, family, friends, neighbors, and co-workers of our past and present patients If you are a past or present patient, call 678-718-5240 to schedule your free exam. If you are referring a friend or family member, give them this newsletter and have them call 678-718-5240 to schedule their free exam! To celebrate, we are having a FREE EXAMDAY on Feb. 21, 2018!

Feel free to drop in anytime and enjoy a free coffee and chat with us! We look forward to seeing you, and we hope you enjoy the first issue of Newcare News!

–Dr.Wang andDr. Shin

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