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RESOLVING TORTICOLLIS Have You Noticed a Slight Tilt In Your Baby’s Neck?

Infant torticollis is treated through a series of targeted exercises. Your pediatrician will talk to you about at-home strategies that you can use to encourage more neck movement to reduce stiffness and to help your child overcome the concern. It is not a good idea to try any activities that may encourage movement of the neck without first discussing the concern with your pediatrician, and under no circumstances should you try to force your child’s neck to move one way over another. Please call us today at (208) 666-0611 to schedule a consultation with you and your baby at Synergy Healthcare.

There is no explanation as to why some babies develop torticollis while others don’t. All babies grow in the womb, but some babies become cramped and develop this stiffness in their neck as a result. Other babies are able to develop without experiencing this problem. Torticollis is typically recognized by the neonatal staff in the hospital when the infant is born, but there are some cases in which you may notice the concern

gradually after returning home with your infant. Symptoms of torticollis include:

• Constant or almost constant tilting of the head in one direction • Demonstrated preference for looking in one direction over another • Difficulty breastfeeding on one side • Frustration and difficulty with turning in one direction instead of another If you notice one or more of these concerns, then it is a good idea to bring up the problem with your infant’s pediatrician. Your pediatrician can assess the issue and consider if there is a clear preference for

physical reasons or if other concerns may be at play. For example, some infants may prefer one breast over another as a result of a clogged milk duct, or perhaps your infant looks one way more often than another due to the positioning of your furniture and layout of your nursery. torticollis.html torticollis 6270N. GovernmentWay DaltonGardens, ID83815 (208) 666-0611

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