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T hough I don’t usually set conscious New Year’s resolutions myself, January always signals an influx of new patients to the clinic, each of them taking the 1st as an opportunity to start their journey back to health. It’s crazy when you ask someone how long they’ve been living with a particular pain or issue and they reply “Oh, probably about three years now.” But it’s heartening to know that they’ve finally stopped putting off their recovery and are in the clinic to make a tangible change. Some cynics tend to smirk whenever somebody sets a resolution for their health, citing the statistics that show huge levels of failure for such sweeping goals. But I find that, if a patient comes into the clinic as part of their resolution, they tend to have great success. I don’t see a ton of patients “... it’s heartening to know that they’ve finally stopped putting off their recovery and are in the clinic to make a tangible change.”

who stop doing their exercises or showing up for their appointments by February like they might with a different kind of resolution. Maybe it’s the fact that they’re paying

money for the service, or more likely because they’re working directly with a therapist who will guide them

through the treatments that will have the greatest impact and hold them accountable along the way. Regardless of the reasons these particular resolutions succeed, the disruptor to recovery is obvious. The biggest obstacle that prevents people from getting back on their feet isn’t just their injury — it’s themselves. No, I don’t mean their lack of motivation, drive, or dedication to fixing their problem. Mostly I’m referring to people’s tendency to procrastinate before coming into the clinic in the first place, assuming that their issue will fix itself. Just like saying, “Oh, I’ll start that diet I’ve been wanting to try next week,” or putting off your jog until tomorrow, the longer a patient decides therapy can wait, the less likely they are to fix the issue at all. This is an even larger problem because many kinds of injuries worsen day by day.

My own goals for 2018 are a little simpler than New Year’s resolutions. I hope to expand the number of patients we see in their own homes, take our annual family trip up to Breckenridge this month or next month, and start doing monthly balance and fall prevention workshops here at the clinic. But right now, I’m just excited to see all the fresh faces that will show up in the next few weeks — all those people who have finally declared enough is enough and decided to take their health seriously. There are few things more satisfying than helping a patient who’s been living with a painful injury for years to return to the world pain-free and get back to the things they love to do. -Luke Kron, PT Managing Partner

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