CCS Connections Spring 2021

FAQs regarding COVID-19 from CCS

months of quarantine, Instagram was flooded with current students and alumni worshiping together, sharing stories, encouragement, and well wishes for the Class of 2020 and all our students. Our Bible department, led by Josh Callahan, posted devotionals and even Chapel services online. Our Ensemble, under the direction of Melissa Rawls, posted songs of worship. Our Head of School, Shawn Minks, kept a constant flow of communication and reminders of our reliance on He who is unchanging. Together, we supported each other and the hashtag #InItTogether really meant something, as Lancerville came together in a big way.

Nurse, Darianne Altieri. Q: What should I do if my child wakes up and is complaining of two minor symptoms? (For example, congestion and sore throat) A: If your child has two minor symptoms, they will receive a red X from our health app. A student that has two symptoms that are unexplained should be evaluated by their pediatrician. Prior to returning to school a doctor’s note should be provided to the school nurse that clearly states the child is able to resume school or identifies an alternate diagnosis. If you prefer to have your child tested for COVID rather than taking them to get evaluated, that is another option. A negative COVID test or a doctor’s note will allow them back on campus if they have not been exposed to an individual with COVID. Q: Over the weekend my child woke up with a runny nose. I was being extra cautious and took them to get tested for COVID-19. I still have not received the results, but they are feeling better now. Can they come to school? A: When an individual was symptomatic and was tested for COVID they need to remain off campus until the results are received. This will help mitigate the spread of COVID-19 on campus. Q: Is Cambridge going to change their protocol to align with the new CDC options for reducing quarantine? A: CCS still recommends completing a 14-day quarantine. CCS has adjusted our protocol to align with the CDC and Florida Department of Health’s new guidelines that provide options to shorten quarantine. If you are exposed to someone who has tested positive for COVID-19, you will have to quarantine for 10 days. Your first day of quarantine would begin the day after you were last exposed. For example, if you were with the individual who tested positive on Tuesday and Thursday, your quarantine would begin Friday (the day after you were last exposed). If your child does not develop symptoms, you are eligible to get tested on day 6 of quarantine. The test must be a PCR COVID test and cannot be a rapid test. If the results come back negative, then school can be resumed right away. If you prefer to not be tested, then it is a 10-day quarantine. If your child develops symptoms during their quarantine then they would have to begin a 10 isolation period that would begin after their onset of symptoms. CCS Nurse Darianne Altieri

Today, our virtual Chapel services have begun to slowly have some in-person attendance. Students in Lower School can still be found praying at their desks, dancing, singing, and participating in different ways. More than ever, our motto of “preparing for college and life” rings true. While

life provides many ups and downs, the foundation of faith remains solid and steadfast. It is the most important preparation and an eternal legacy for generations to come. The Lancer Spirit- No one

could have predicted how quickly our students would adapt to the state of affairs this school year. Children have proven, yet again, to be resilient and joyful in the face of uncertainty and inconvenience. Second grader

Ryder Graves says, “Wearing a mask has not stopped me from learning stuff and playing with my friends. I would rather wear a mask and be here at Cambridge than be at home without a mask on Seesaw (learning platform).” Students haven’t been the only ones to deal with challenges. Our teachers have had to adjust to all new safety protocols, HBI learners, and the challenges that come with PPE and keeping everyone safe. It’s an enormous responsibility, and yet, our teachers have risen to the occasion, being an example to students and families of how joyful you can be despite circumstances that are less than optimal. Lower School teacher Cindy Nelms talks about how connecting with students is still the most important thing. “I was worried that by wearing a mask the students would not feel as strong of a connection with me as students have in the past. Thankfully, this has not been the case. Students can sense your love and commitment for them from the tone of your voice and your ‘smiling eyes.’ Watching these students navigate these different times with such a positive attitude has been a blessing. I love that I can still see their smiles behind their masks.” Connecting with families is still our goal. Using social media as a platform, CCS Lancer TV was born along with The Minks Minute, The Medical Minute and even a virtual gala that brought us all together to help raise funds for school improvements. With everyone’s participation, we met our goal, and then some. So, throughout these challenging times, and a school year scenario we never thought possible, it seems the hashtag really is true. Whether on campus or at home, we are in it together. We persevere. We are Lancers. Spring 2021 - Connections | 5

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