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Finding Your Forte is carefully constructed series of facilitated topics designed to empower purpose and impact in talent and leaders. The program provides a proven approach with tools, time, space, and guidance for individuals to be strategic about their work and to put it in the broader context of their company’s mission, broader career and purpose.

What you love… What you’re good at in a way that… Rewards you and bringing it to a mission you feel called to impact. n. (fôr′tā′, fôrt) 1 Something in which a person excels: “His forte was in defusing negative rumors before they ever exploded into news accounts”. 2 The strong part of a sword blade, between the middle and the hilt. Your Forte is optimized when you do:

FindingYour Forte PEER GROUP is an eight (8) session series (either weekly or bi-weekly) that takes participants through the facilitated series of discussions to frame up their strategic purpose that will serve as the blueprint for their business and/or career.

The first four sessions are structured to create each person’s FORTE through group coaching sessions. The last four sessions are to ignite EXECUTION of the plan to launch momentum, leverage each other for accountability and our collective networks as resources to incubate their purpose pursuit.

crescendo n. (kre-shen-do)

1 a gradual increase; specifically: a gradual increase in volume of a musical passage 2 the peak of a gradual increase.

Your Forte is where your strengths and gifts meet your passions in a way that rewards you and serves your purpose to bring your greatest impact.

About Your Crescendo We are on a mission is to empower purpose and impact for leaders and talent in their business performance, leadership and careers.

Finding Your Forte Modules PERFORM



Gifts / Strengths

Purpose and Impact

Exemplary Leadership Professional Brand High Performing Teams Strategic Articulation


Vision Casting


Vision, Goals and Actions Execution and Accountability



Find Your Forte delivers each participant a personalized strategic framework (YOUR FORTE) that includes their purpose empowered by gifts/strengths, passions, leadership practices, motivations, priorities and vision snspshots, long-, medium- and long-term. Compose Your Masterpiece builds on the vision snapshots by adding each vision snapshot’s goals and action items.

Reggie Hammond, Founder and Managing Partner Launched 2011

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