The Newsletter Pro - October 2019



“It’s hard to believe that it’s now been a full year since we first started putting out our newsletter. When we first started publishing, our goal was to reconnect with the people we’ve helped over the years, mostly because we rarely hear back from the people whose lives and freedoms we’ve protected. “On the one hand, that’s a good thing; it means that the people we helped truly were having a bump in their road, and, after we helped them correct their course, they were able to move on just like we promised. On the other hand, it’s nice to hear the success stories from people we’ve helped along the way. “Our newsletter has had an unexpected side effect, though. In addition to reconnecting with people we’ve helped, those people have referred their friends and others needing our help to our doors. “Whether it was expunging a criminal history, becoming a Platinum Defense Member to always have legal advice available, or even getting help with new cases, this newsletter has helped us to reach even more people and continue our goal of providing help to the hopeless. Thank you to everyone who’s trusted


us in the past year.” –John Razumich Razumich & Delamater, P.C.

Many entrepreneurs aspire to found the next Facebook, Uber, or LinkedIn. That being said, what differentiates start-ups that fade into oblivion from those that wind up in Forbes? “Blitzscaling” sets out to define these parameters and share techniques you can use to scale at any level. This page-turner comes from the minds of Reid Hoffman and Chris Yeh. Hoffman is well-known for his crucial role in building the leading consumer tech businesses PayPal and LinkedIn. Yeh is the co-founder of Wasabi ventures and has been working with tech start-ups for over 20 years.

“My favorite thing about working with you has been how friendly, helpful, and professional your staff is. I was concerned about how much work this would be for me, but your team makes it easy.” –Amanda Olson Olson’s Martial Arts




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