The Newsletter Pro - October 2019

You have to rise above the noise of the world; you have to stand out. You have to be different if you want anyone to pay attention. YOUR CUSTOMERS THAT YOU DON’T CARE ABOUT THEM, WHY WOULD THEY CARE ABOUT YOU? AT THE END OF THE DAY, IF YOU CONSISTENTLY SHOW MARKETING HOW-TO CONTINUED ...

just leave. If they leave and you don’t even notice, how can you expect them to care about you, be loyal, not price shop, and recognize your skill in the services you provide? That’s simply not how it works. You have to lead. You have to care first. You have to give them stories to tell, and you have to share your stories with them. Unless you can get free media access like Taylor Swift whenever you want, you have to create your own media. You have to put out your own message and beat your own drum. Otherwise, you’ll just be a commodity like all of your competitors. P.S. Want to have your own media? Want to build relationships with prospects and customers so you can get more referrals, lower customer churn, and turn more prospects into paying customers? Jump on a call with my team, and they will help. Visit or call 208.297.5700 to make an appointment. –Shaun

This is how a newsletter can help you. It can enable you to build relationships with your customers without spending your invaluable time because your story will be told by my team of ghostwriters. Sharing your story will help you stand out. Most of your competitors won’t do it, as they don’t feel that building relationships with their customers is a worthy investment. That thought process always baffles me because these customers are the very people putting food on their tables. The flawed logic of most small businesses is “Let’s do nothing to make sure we have a good relationship with the people who put food on our table.” Alternatively, they simply do the cheapest thing possible and hope no one notices they don’t really care. At the end of the day, if you consistently show your customers that you don’t care about them, why would they care about you? Guess what: They won’t. They’ll only care about the cheapest offer. The next time you make a mistake, they will find someone else. Most people don’t complain; they




Today, attention spans last for about 7–8 seconds. Everyone can agree that’s not a lot of time to catch someone’s eye! If a person isn’t drawn into a video within those first few crucial seconds, then they’re going to move on to something else and not give your content the attention it deserves. The message you’re presenting can be easily swept under the rug if you’re not careful, but, if you can make it past those eight seconds successfully and really wow your watchers, you’ll have them hook, line, and sinker. Creating content that stops people from aimlessly scrolling down their social media for a few minutes has never been harder, but it’s not impossible. You can use and adapt a variety of tools to not only catch the eye of your targeted audience but to also get them to stick around to watch the entire video. Splasheo is one such tool that boosts the allure of your videos. By sending your content through Splasheo, you’re giving it the “pop” everyone is after. Every video you publish will have an eye-grabbing

professional, provide accessibility for all, and are 100% accurate.

and appealing look; people will be interested from the moment they hit that play button.

In addition to giving your videos the aesthetic they need, Splasheo also provides a number of different formats. Whether you’re planning to publish your videos on LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, or Facebook, you’ll be able to post and share with ease. The process to get started is simple: Record your video, upload it to, and, within 24 hours, receive a video complete with your desired intrigue.

This tool frames the message of your video into a direct and intriguing headline. Your audience will get the gist of what it’s about, but it will also create enough mystery to pull them in for the next few minutes. In addition to the catchy headline, Splasheo adds accurate and visible captions, which are essential to any video you publish.

Without captions, videos lose their appeal. Splasheo’s captions help your videos look




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