The Newsletter Pro - October 2019


Wisconsin. In 2018, Sam and her fiancé, Joe, decided they were done living in the Midwest and were ready for a change. “We were looking for a different environment with different opportunities. I applied for The Newsletter Pro because it was different than what I’d been doing before. We took the plunge, and here we are today.” It’s hard to believe Sam has been part of the TNP team for just one year. From her first day, Sam seamlessly became part of her team. She tells her clients’ stories with great success and elevates the writing team with her presence alone. When it was time to name a new lead writer, she was the obvious choice. “Being the writing lead is exhausting but really fun,” Sam says. “It’s a different change of pace. When I was a news editor on my college paper, I worked one-on-one with writers to help them improve. I

When Sam Stetzer first joined the writing team at The Newsletter Pro, she kept her musical past under wraps. The first thing Sam ever wrote was a song called “Listen to My Radio” when she was 4 years old. She sang it all the time, and her mother was convinced that Sam was destined to become a songwriter. So, why aren’t we hearing her lyrical genius on every radio station today? “I don’t like that kind of attention,” Sam explains, revealing why she never followed the path to pop stardom. “I wasn’t going to be a singer. But through elementary school, writing was always the thing I loved doing the most. In high school, I took a newspaper class on a whim, and I fell in love with it. I got to write a column about things I enjoyed. It was so cool to have an experience like that.” The newspaper class laid the foundation for Sam’s future career. She pursued her passion for journalism in college, and shortly after graduating, she was the star reporter at a local paper in KEEP UP With Our If you’re looking for more great content — like what you’re reading in this newsletter — to drive your business forward, take a look at these articles on our blog. Key Lessons From ‘Good to Great’ That Will Propel Your Business Forward Are You Leaving Money on the Table With Prospects? Never Doubt Your Creativity 3 Steps to Put the Fun Back in Your Branding branding BEST POSTS

really enjoy being able to do that again and help my fellow writers in this way. The role comes with a lot of extra work, but, even when I leave knowing that I have tons to do the next day, I’m excited to come in and do it. I never became a singer — sorry, Mom — but I love my job today.” When Sam’s not helping the writing team be the best they can be, she enjoys spending time at local breweries with Joe, who works as an accountant for nonprofits. They have a dog named Tripp, a lovable rescue they are training to be a therapy dog for nursing homes and schools. Tripp will be escorting Sam and Joe down the aisle when they tie the knot next May.




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