Johns Creek: Back Pain & Difficulty Walking

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The Newsletter About Your Health And Caring For Your Body “Get Back To Long Walks Around The Park!” BACK PAIN & DIFFICULTY WALKING


Most of you are well connected with lots of friends and family in the area. I’m sure you know someone who is dealing with a pain problem. If so, we would be happy to help them out. Don’t let your friends suffer through the pain, refer them for physical therapy.

Most people have something in their style of walking that can cause long term wear and tear. By changing the way you walk, it is possible to eliminate and prevent back pain. On a daily basis, you walkmore than any other physical activity. We can help you discover the reason about the way you walk, which gives you pain and help you change it. Your walk involves many body parts, all interacting together to produce your walking style. It’s as natural as breathing, and if any of your six (two ankles, two knees, two hips) weight bearing joints are not in good alignment, you’re at risk for structural pain. One minor walking error repeated millions of times can do an

incredible amount of damage to your back, muscles, nerves and joints. This can eventually cause pain and arthritis. Often, the cause of back pain is poor strength, specifically, weak abdominal muscles. The pelvis is held in place by numerous muscles, including the abdominals, hamstrings, gluteals and hip flexors. An imbalance or weakness in these muscles can lead to pelvic misalignment, causing the pelvis to tilt forward or backward. Forward tilt of the pelvis leads to a sway back. If you or someone you know may need relief from a back pain, schedule an appointment by calling our office at 770-622-5344 or visit

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