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3 DAYS THAT DEFINE FEBRUARY And What You Can Learn From Them

T here are three days in February I absolutely love: Groundhog Day, Valentine’s Day, and Random Acts of Kindness Day. These occur on Feb. 2, 14, and 17 respectively. I’ve loved Groundhog Day even before the classic Bill Murray movie. It is a silly, funny, and wonderfully bizarre day of the year. On Feb. 2, the country awaits the prediction of various rodents as to the continued length of winter.

Bill Murray’s character, Phil, had to learn how to do things “right” to get out of the repetitive rut and move forward. It’s not uncommon for entrepreneurs to find themselves in a rut of doing the same things over and over again, hoping for different results each time. By some accounts, the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, expecting different results. That’s not healthy for yourself or your business. Think about what you keep doing the same with no results. What can you do to move past your metaphorical Feb. 2?

As you would expect in the Love family, Valentine’s Day is a favorite holiday. We work it — especially with the kids. We get punny T-shirts, and our daughter has amazingly adorable bows for her hair.

We should note that Groundhog Day is basically in the middle of winter. If the groundhog sees his shadow (not good), there’s six more weeks of winter. If the groundhog doesn’t see his shadow (good), there’s only six more weeks until spring. Hmm … notice anything there? General Beauregard Lee, Staten Island’s Charles “Chuck” G. Hogg, Holtsville’s Hal, or Malverne’s Mel, it’s a great day to wake up and watch the silly pomp and circumstance — and the occasional bit hand. So whether you are a fan of Punxsutawney’s Phil, Atlanta’s

They’re still young enough that the tradition is to give cards to everyone in their class. At that age, it isn’t about romance, it’s about friendship. It’s cute to open the various character valentine’s cards with them. We talk about their classmates and what they like about them. “I love Brody’s smile.” “Ava is always so nice.” “Harlan gives nice hugs.” Wouldn’t it be a better world if we told friends, family, clients, service providers, or really anyone why we liked and appreciated them? Use Valentine’s Day as an excuse to send out a note of appreciation. You will feel better and your business will be better because of it.

The day I really love in February is Random Acts of Kindness Day . It’s a day dedicated to being a good human being and making little gestures that can go a long way that don’t cost anything.

“Don’t you think your client retention would go through the roof if your team consistently treated your clients better than they have ever

I was in a store the other day and the cashier introduced me to her boyfriend who happened to stop by to say hello. She said I am one of the few customers who is nice to her. I was shocked. What does it take to be kind? To say hello? Thank you? Please? To ask how someone’s day is and listen to the answer. Imagine dealing with dozens or hundreds of people every day and only have a few be nice to you?

As business owners, let’s teach our staff to be different. Don’t you think your client retention would go through the roof if your team consistently treated your clients better than they have ever experienced elsewhere? February is full of wonderful days. And the best news, there’s only 28 of them! We’re getting closer with every moment to spring when the world comes alive again. So whether we have six weeks more of winter, or only six weeks left until spring, here’s to making those days count!

In the “Groundhog Day” movie, the

silliness of the holiday is captured, as well as a lesson a lot of people can learn — entrepreneurs and business owners especially.

experienced elsewhere?”

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I can only imagine a few jobs more stressful than FBI hostage negotiator. As an attorney, I enjoy negotiating and trying to get the best outcome for my clients. But at the end of my day, the


Chip said new agent trainees are heavily evaluated on their ability to make critical connections with people. If a potential witness of a crime or someone who has information on a terrorist plot doesn’t feel they can trust you, they will never give you the information you need to stop the perpetrators. The FBI has no use for people who cannot achieve this level of trust with people. Chip found hostage negotiations were where he really excelled. The key is being able to instantly create rapport and trust with a person who is threatening violence. Failing to do so can literally mean life or death. A successful negotiation is created by concentrated focus on the conversation as it is unfolding. Chip said it’s about helping the person manage his or her fears, as well as your own fears. Chip came and spent 90 minutes with me and the members of the Long Island Business Forum on Jan. 11. The time we spent together was incredible and insightful. He spoke about how to build trust with potential clients and counterparties so that great business relationships can take place. He says, “We don’t know who to trust. The world of business is filled with wolves disguised as shepherds … [If you can] build a trust-based relationship and lead them through to the other side, [you] will win a client for life.” According to Chip, the best way to create trust is be consistent to your word. It really is the accumulation of the little commitments we make. We make the mistake of believing it takes a big overture to create trust. It’s more important showing up on time for someone consistently — making the phone call you promised to make consistently. In today’s new world order of business, giving your word means more than ever before. Those who will thrive and be the leaders in this environment, both in followers and profits, will honor their word in the little things consistently. Negotiations are built on trust and rapport. You have to have empathy. You have to actively demonstrate that you hear what is being communicated both in words and what isn’t being said.

worst that can happen is that the deal doesn’t go through. In Chip Massey’s

career, the worst that could happen is that someone would never get to go home again. Big difference.

You’d think someone who has been in such life or death situations would be a bit harder, but I have to say that


Chip is one of the nicest people I’ve ever met. A man of genuine warmth and interest in people, Chip retired from two very diverse fields — most recently from the FBI after 22

years, and prior to that he was an ordained minister for six years. Now he has his own business consulting firm. Naturally, he has a lot to share about the art of negotiation.

His interest in negotiation began in new agent training at the FBI Academy. Chip found he had a natural affinity and interest in connecting to people while serving as a minister. Being able to connect to people and gain their trust happens to also be a vital skill as an FBI agent.

If you find your negotiating skills need some help, I cannot recommend Chip more. Visit his website to read his insightful blog and get in touch with him.;

Chip, Francine, and the members of the LIBF 2

T h e S m a l l B u s i n e s s T I P O F T H E M O N T H

LinkedIn Marketing

Did you know that you can claim your own custom LinkedIn URL free of charge? If not, head over and claim it as soon as possible. It makes your marketing look even more professional. What do I mean? When I first joined LinkedIn the url to my profile was francine-love-av4d29. Not very pretty? I don’t want to be a number. Some of you with popular names may need to include a middle name or initial, but you can ditch the digits! Here’s how: 1. Click on the ME icon at the top of the LinkedIn homepage. 2. Click View Profile. 3. Click on Edit Public Profile & URL, on the right. 4. Under Edit URL, click the Edit icon. 5. It will look like 6. Type in your new custom URL and click Save. When I claimed my custom url, I became

Feb. 20 is Love Your Pet Day

Hello! I’m here to tell you about a pawesome holiday on Feb. 20 — Love Your Pet Day! Obviously, we will be celebrating it big here in our household!

In honor of the day, I want to remind you of five benefits of having a pet:

And voilà!

• Decreased stress – petting us is a health benefit for you! You’re welcome! • Improved mood – our antics keep you happy! • Better socialization – we let you make friends when we go for walks!

BE Inspired

• Increased immunity – having us around builds your immunity! • Decreased loneliness – we love you and let you know it!

And I want to let you know you can help shelter pets by buying a book called “Dog Joy” that my mommy has a chapter in. She wrote about my big brother, Cartwright, and what he’s meant for the family. All proceeds of the book go to different dog rescues. Over 4,225 dollars have been given already! You can buy the book on Amazon (ISBN: 1732512736).

Be sure to LOVE your pet this month — and, well, every month!

Paws and kisses,

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Cartwright, Zeppole & Seamus As always, wanting treats

Isn’t it time you learned to love your lawyer?


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The 3 Best Days of February INSIDE THIS ISSUE 1 2 3 Chip Massey: Master Negotiator #FamousSeamus on ‘Love Your Pet’ Day

Small Business Tip of the Month


Love Law’s Second Annual Fundraiser


To Help Those in Need

We did it! YOU did it! It was incredible!

“Thank you from the bottom of my heart for being so generous! I am overwhelmed! The kids were speechless … which never happens! Thank you, a million times, over and over!” In addition, we had enough money to also donate a small educational tablet to a young boy with learning disabilities and money for meals to a single mom and her daughter dealing with a long-term hospitalization. THANK YOU! To all of the clients, friends of the firm, and family members who donated! You made a difference!

Thirty-two people raised over $2,000 to help a family of five! This was Love Law Firm’s second annual fundraiser to help make a difference to someone in need.

This year’s recipient was a family of five created when a young woman’s sister had a devastating disability. When her sister was unable to continue to care for her four young children, she stepped in and became an overnight mom. She’s been doing an amazing job and the kids are thriving, but we all know how expensive it is to raise kids — especially four — when you hadn’t been planning on it. The money we raised went to pay off a few outstanding bills, renew a car registration, and purchase a number of needed educational supplies, new clothes, and some toys. The family was beyond grateful.


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