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PRAY FOR KATIE Katie Crandol is battling Cancer and we join her family, loved ones and our community to pray for her recovery.

WHAT IS A CERTIFIED ATHLETIC TRAINER? The majority of Certified Athletic Trainers spend a bulk of their career as a Secondary School Athletic Trainer. Others move on to collegiate, professional or even industrial settings. To most, it doesn’t sound like a very glorious job. The schedule is very unpredictable and is usually at the mercy of when coach decides to practice. Certified Athletic Trainers (ATC’s) work late nights, early mornings, weekends, and holidays. They miss birthday parties, cookouts, family excursions, weddings and even holidays. ATC’s will sit through sporting events in the rain, snow, wind, humidity, and sun. Whether it is 97 degrees in the middle of summer or a 20 degree “spring” day, we are there to provide high quality healthcare for the athletes in our charge. ATC’s experience and share many highs with their athletes, some which have extended way beyond the field or court. Certified Athletic Trainers can reflect on the many great wins that are unforgettable, such as a touchdown in overtime to beat a rival or winning a regional championship as the underdog. However, the moments when a high school senior at the end of her recovery from a torn ACL starts and plays 1 minute in her only game of the year, on senior night, or the countless hours spent rehabilitating an athlete to see him earn a starting spot back, or even hugs on graduation day, are moments that make us smile the most. With wins come loses, and with highs come lows. Being a Certified Athletic Trainer is never easy, especially when you have to tell your athlete their shoulder injury will need surgery or their ACL is ruptured. Treating athletic injuries sometimes has led to treating broken hearts. Many ATC’s never have the opportunity to be a part of a Championship winning program, so that means that numerous seasons will end with a loss. Some of the toughest times actually come when we have to say goodbye to an athlete who passes away unexpectedly. For a Certified Athletic Trainer, our athletes become our family. We sometimes need their shoulder to lean on, just as much as they need ours. As a Certified Athletic Trainer, it can feel like we have become role models, parents, coaches, peers and even friends. We tend to welcome conversation not only about sports, injuries, and nutrition, but also about love, loss, heartbreak, and laughter. The Certified Athletic Trainer is usually the man behind the curtain or the lady standing behind the bench. We are never the ones looking for glory or a spotlight. We simply know how to be there for our athletes, and how to manage the overall health and well-being of someone else’s daughter, son, parent or even grandparent so their family will not have to shoulder the burden of worrying about their athlete’s safety. We are a part of a large medical team, and provide our time to ensure the highest possible healthcare can be received by the proper professional as needed.

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