Howard: Custom Orthotics & Quality of Life



Are you recovering from a recent injury or surgical procedure? Do you notice yourmuscles feeling painful or achy throughout the day? Are you livingwith a chronic condition that causes

to assist in your recovery. Your CPO can also put together a rehabilitation program that specifically addresses your needs, focusing on helping you recover as quickly as possible. Thismay include strength and range of motion exercises, in addition to your custom device. 2. Preventing injuries. Custom orthotic and prosthetic devices can help aid you in avoiding injury by allowing your body to move more freely and comfortably. Your CPO can also teach you several different exercises you can do with your custom device to make sure the affected area is still maintaining strength and function. If you’re recovering from a surgical procedure, your CPO will help you learn to maneuver with your new device in new ways that will help you stay active while reducing the chance of falls and injury during your recovery. (continued inside)

Roger Howard, CPO, Director

constant discomfort? Whatever the case may be, customorthoticsmay be just what you need tomaneuver your daily lifemore comfortably. At Howard Orthotics and Prosthetics, our trained CPOs can evaluate your needs to determine if an orthotic or prosthetic device would be the best course of action for you. Some of the many benefits of adding an orthosis or prosthesis into your life include: 1. Speeding up recovery. If you’ve already had surgery, or if you have suffered from an injury, a custom device can be created

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