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Both Running and Walking Are Aerobic, Cardiovascular Exercises and Provide Similar Health Benefits. Benefits of running and walking can include helping you to lose or maintain a healthy weight, strengthen your cardiovascular system, prevent or manage some chronic conditions, boost your immune system, stave off dementia, delay the aging process, fight depression, build stamina, and tone up your legs, glutes and stomach. So What’s the Difference? One main difference is that running burns nearly twice the calories as walking and is more effective in reducing visceral belly fat. So if your goal is weight loss, running is the more efficacious choice. But running also carries more risks for exercise-related injuries due to its repetitive and high-impact nature. Walking is a smart choice if you want the same benefits as running but without the impact on your joints. Keep in mind you will need to walk the same total distance to reap the same benefits as a run, so it will take longer. Whether walking or running is better for you depends on your health goals and your current level of activity or fitness. The best exercise choice for you is always the one that you enjoy, can maintain on a regular basis, and that fits into your lifestyle. To learn more information about the benefits of walking and running and which you should add to your daily routine, contact us. Patient Spotlight “I had been experiencing fairly severe lower back pain for weeks, which was starting to radiate around into my hip and leg. Martin met with me and determined exercises and a plan for me to follow. He had sleeping position recommendations, driving/car seat positions, and stretches for me to use at home. I started coming to physical therapy twice a week to strengthen my back muscles and Martin would use massage techniques to ease my pain. Within a very short time, I felt much better and was able to complete my normal daily activities again. My son has also had two very successful experiences with VCSST for a fractured growth plate (arm) and a back injury, both from baseball. I could not say enough wonderful things about this place. The front desk employees make you feel right at home. Cleanliness is very important and equipment is cleaned after each use. I would highly recommend VCCST to anyone. ” - S. F. 5 Star Review Pounding the Pavement or Strolling the Sidewalk Is Walking Just as Good as Running for Exercise?

In our ongoing monthly campaign to enhance your well-being by adding one thing to your life, we invite you to send your brain on a mini vacation! We propose that in the month of June you read for pleasure! This does not mean something for work or school, but purely for interest or exploration. Find something that really captures your interest and let it overtake you, even if only briefly – a few pages at lunch or before bed. Reading, unlike watching a movie or listening to music, forces your imagination to create a plausible scene. Whether it be pages of an actual book or on those viewed on an e-book device, recent studies have verified a relationship between reading for pleasure and well- being. It has been found to increase empathy, enhance relationships, decreasedementiaand reducedepression. Itallowsa readeraglimpse from the mind of a character, to pretend to be someone else, and thereby provides insight into other perspectives. If the written word hinders your efforts, download an audiobook and listen whenever you are in your car or exercising. Whatever way you choose to celebrate the joy of reading, you will enjoy the temporary escape!

Try this stretch if you are experiencing back pain. Relieve Pain In Minutes:

Loosens Lower Back

PRAYER STRETCH Start on your knees and bend forward, reaching arms out on floor in front of you as shown. Hold for 15 seconds, and then repeat 3 times.

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