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1 Sticking With Your Goals

Through the Rest of the Year

2 Protect Yourself From COVID-19 Scams!

A Few Ideas to Better Insulate Your Home 3 The Deadly Revenge of 17th Century Chocoholics

Butter and Herb Baked Oysters

4 Good News in Boston

Good News in Boston

Rogue Peacock Seduced Into Captivity, And A New CBS Show

Good News About ‘Some Good News’

Zoo. Once they tracked it down, the officers “arrived at the scene and were met by an extremely large, slightly intimidating, and quite beautiful, male peacock,” the police department wrote in a statement. The officers had to think fast. One of them managed to find and download a bird-calling app. He then played a peacock mating call through his speakers. It worked. Using the app, they managed to lure the peacock into a fenced-in area until animal control arrived. A zoo spokeswoman later told CNN, “Upon learning of the peacock’s adventure, our animal care team at the zoo worked quickly with the Boston Police Department and Animal Control to recover the peacock, and we’re happy to report he is now back at the zoo and doing well.” Best of all, now he’s in the right place to find the mate he was looking for.

In an earlier newsletter, we talked a bit about Boston native John Krasinski’s news show, "Some Good News." They stopped producing episodes in May, because Krasinski sold the show. At first, it was undisclosed to whom. But, in his first episode, he asked why news channels don’t have an entire show dedicated to good news. Well, now they do. Now it’s been revealed that CBS has officially signed on SGN, and John Krasinski will be the executive producer! This will keep him involved in the show, although the host will be changing for the new iteration. We’re still very excited to see what comes next! Boston is one crazy, fun city. Thanks for joining us this month, and see you next time!

As much fun as it was to include a “rogue peacock” and “new CBS show” into our title, the two aren’t directly related. However, in the spirit of Valentine’s Day (and to support famous Boston natives!), we thought we’d share these amazing stories of good news with you!

A Runaway Peacock Is Catfished

While patrolling the Roxbury district, a team of Boston Police Department officers met a concerned citizen who told them an animal might have escaped the nearby Franklin Park


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