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compression with 15 minutes of the brace hanging loose. Repeating that process will keep the abdominal muscles from atrophying while still offering excellent lumbar support. Chiro1Source currently stocks BaxMAX Back Brace Starter Packages that include a BaxMAX display and 16 braces, which come in five different sizes to accommodate waistlines ranging from 25 to 50 inches. The BaxMAX is made of high-quality

Chiro1Source co-owner, Josh Walker, grew up in chiropractic offices. So even though he’s never been a practicing chiropractor himself, he still knows all the tricks of the trade. Both of Josh’s parents were chiropractors with private practices, and he watched them develop strategies to bring in more patients and provide better care to those patients. If you want to amp up your pillow sales, he has the perfect foolproof strategy.

In Josh’s experience, you can increase your chances of selling a pillow to a patient starting with their very first visit.

materials, including lightweight, breathable nylon mesh; industrial Velcro; durable repelling line; and high-density nylon. It even comes with a five-year warranty! To learn more about the BaxMAX or to place an order, visit our online store at or call us today at 866.318.3251.

“My mom actually does this in her clinic,” he explains. “When a patient has their initial exam, she asks them to bring in a pillow from their house so that she can have them lay on it and show her how they sleep.” Adopting that strategy will give you an immediate, precise visual of your patient’s sleep position so that you can quickly identify and correct problems — like sleeping facedown, which can put pressure on the lower back and flatten the natural curve of the spine. It will also give you an opportunity to examine the patient’s pillow to see if it’s providing proper support for the curvature of their neck. If the pillow doesn’t get your stamp of approval, move on to Step 2. “If the pillow looks like it isn’t providing proper cervical support, my mom brings the patient to a room with several different pillows they can test in order to figure out which one is the best for them,” Josh says. “By guiding them through the process, she’s providing a valuable service even if they don’t buy a pillow. It’s an easy way to integrate a product into an ordinary visit.” If you want to pad your pillow inventory before implementing Josh’s strategy, is your one-stop shop. Check out our selection of Core, Chiroflow, Royal Rest, and Therapeutica Inc. pillows today, and if you have any questions about our products, don’t hesitate to call us at 866.318.3251.

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