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APRIL 2019

THE HISTORY OF OUR PROGRAMS When we are born, we are in a relaxed state physically, mentally, and spiritually. It is our failure to adapt to the pace, and often unnoticed stress, that starts us on a downward spiral to premature sickness and death. The Vinton Method™ offers a solution to this problem.

equals junk out. Boiled down, all of the nutritional and lifestyle advice basically states that the vast majority (70 percent) of what we eat should be whole, plant-based (fruits and vegetables) food, while the other 30 percent should be lean protein. Anything with more than five ingredients or from a manufacturing plant will lead to an excess of acidity, inflammation, and disease. Modern medicine, with its emphasis on a pill for every ill, is beginning to admit that unless we deal with the underlying cause(s), the pills only reduce symptoms, which allows problems to fester and manifest in more chronic ways, resulting only in more pills. Around the same time, we also realized that due to a lifetime of physical accidents, trauma, lack of exercise, and more, some structural damage is beyond what our neural-spinal alignment can fix. After an exhaustive search to find the best means possible to correct these kinds of damages, we instituted VAX-D disc decompression therapy into our practice to better help our patients. Shortly thereafter, with a growing number of patients who suffered from significant damage to their nervous systems that produced peripheral neuropathy, we instituted our Neuropathy Recovery Program and are now able to offer hope to those suffering in ways that modern medicine can’t. Some folks ask, “Well, if it is all that and a bag of chips, why doesn’t modern medicine do this?” Modern medicine is a monopoly dedicated to the treatment of symptoms, and it’s run by the pharmaceutical industry, which is the most powerful collection of corporations on planet Earth. So, if it isn’t a synthetic drug, they have no interest in it. I recently watched a documentary about eight very ill people with conditions including Lou Gehrig’s, MS, cancer, and more. They went to the Amazon jungle to be cared for by shamans for 30 days. Five were healed, two had slight improvement, and one was so far gone they died while there. Those results are unheard of: 5 out of 8 healed after everything modern medicine had to offer produced no result. I guarantee you did not hear about that on the evening news, during which 60 percent of the commercials that support the broadcasts are drug ads. In this documentary, they also discussed that less than 1 percent of all the plants in the world have been studied for their medicinal purposes because you cannot patent the plant; you can only patent, sell, and profit from a synthetic chemical … a drug. First

Our primary goal with The Vinton Method™ is to bring about pain relief and healing through the removal of interference to healthy mind/body function.

The weight of accumulated physical, chemical, and emotional tension on our bodies and nerve systems.

The Vinton Method™ is a combination of what Dr. Vinton has learned from studying in six different fields and begins with a comprehensive head-to-toe evaluation to determine what isn’t working properly. We then design specific programs to fix the functional deficits versus merely suppressing a specific symptom.

June 2019 marks the beginning of Dr. Vinton’s 31st year in practice.

Our initial 17 years were focused solely on the removal of interference between the brain and the rest of the body through the use of neuro-spinal alignments, the correction of drop arches in the feet, and the use of highly advanced neuro-feedback. We achieved great success, helped thousands of patients, and had the pleasure of teaching doctors from around the world. 10 years ago, we recognized how much people’s lifestyles were adversely affecting their health. With a growing amount of scientific evidence proving this fact and limited places to refer patients to for proper care, we began to include what is called lifestyle medicine or functional medicine in our practice. The scientific evidence is sound and, more importantly, follows the good common sense of junk in

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