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As January rolls around, we begin making promises to ourselves that this next year will be better than the last. Maybe you try to make it to the gym more often or give up greasy foods. Others may attempt to limit bad habits, like watching too much television. Even if you’re not an avid resolution maker, everyone tries to start fresh in the new year — and our clinic is no different. I’m proud to announce a new mission for our clinic, as New Jersey Institute of Balance has transformed into NJIB. Loyal patients and curious newbies can expect the same level of passionate care we’ve always given those who come to us for help. We’ve even improved upon that by adding more services to our line-up. Massage therapy, nutritional counseling, reiki, acupuncture, DNA analysis, and drug testing are among some of the new services patients can try. We’ve been at our Bayonne location for nearly six months now, and we’re so excited to keep growing in the community. We’ve been focusing on perfecting our new therapies and honing in on tried- and-true options for healing. In the meantime, we’re becoming more active at local community events. Meeting all of you has motivated us to continue expanding our healing options. The reason behind this shift is simple: Bettering your body is more than just healing it. We can provide you with great exercises to work out a kink in your shoulder or find you relief from back pain. But if you continue to eat inflammatory foods and avoid physical activity, the potential for that pain to come back is heightened. We want to do more than just help you recover from your injuries; we want to help you lead a healthier life. Visit Our Improved Clinic and See What We Can Do for You New Year, New Us, New You!

Some of this starts with education. Our nutrition programs offer

our patients the opportunity to learn more about their bodies and the best ways to fuel them. Other programs are about finding healing solutions that are unique and catered to the individual person, which centuries-old practices, such as massage therapy, acupuncture, and reiki, target. (Learn more about reiki on Page 3 of this newsletter!) Your capacity for healing and living a healthier lifestyle extends beyond the medical dimension of treatment. As a health professional, I share a common frustration with everyone in the medical community. Some patients will come to us for help, and after a few months of various solutions, we hit a wall. Our patient is still struggling, living through pain and symptoms that are signaling there is still something wrong with their body. We were tired of hitting that wall. Medical professionals get into the industry to help others, and even being unable to aid one patient is extremely frustrating. Adding new services and adhering to a new mission of total-body wellness and care will only be rewarding for our patients. We can’t wait to help patients who feel hopeless, who feel sluggish and tired, and those who are frustrated by empty promises.

Come in and visit your new neighbors. We can’t wait to meet you.

–Dr. Michael Russo

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