C+S August 2021 Vol. 7 Issue 8 (web)

Stoneman says, “Our crew worked through some extreme conditions and the equipment improved productivity, so we finished the job sev - eral days ahead of schedule even after starting about a week behind.” Technical Foundations rented the KLEMM drilling rig and rod han - dling attachment from ECA for the Roanoke project. After it was com- plete, the safety and productivity gains combined with the potential for future projects made the decision to purchase the HBR 120 an easy one for the contractor. Technical Foundations didn’t have enough relevant work to keep the KR 806-3G consistently busy at that point. “We were exceptionally pleased with the productivity and the safety it (HBR 120) added to the project,” says Stoneman. “We see multiple places where it will benefit us in the future.”

coming loose and falling and hurting somebody, but you also are able to get people's hands away from joints,” says Stoneman. “When you can fully eliminate serious injury or any potential human contact, it's a positive thing.” The ability to control the KLEMM drilling rig via remote control added to the safety of the micropile drilling operation. Groundwater kept dust control at a minimum on the Roanoke project, but the ability for the operator to move to an area with improved visibility was helpful. “With the remote control, the operator can position himself where he's out of the dust that can occur during drilling and in a place where he can best see what's going on,” Stoneman says. “The farther away you can get from the machine, the safer the operator is.” Beating the Deadline Despite Additional Micropiles The owner at the Roanoke project had a drop-dead opening date for this building, so they couldn't extend the schedule, according to Stone- man. Further complicating matters, the owner called for 40 additional piles between the bid submission and project start date. Technical Foundations arrived on site at the Roanoke project in January of 2021 and finished in late February of 2021. Technical Foundations completed 14 micropiles per day because of the KLEMM rod handling attachment, compared to the 6 to 8 it would normally achieve using traditional methods.

The HBR 120 can rotate on a 360-degree axis, but Technical Foundations did not require that level of movement on this project.



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