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Framing that delivered an all-round vision within tight timeframes. When this distinctive circular designed school required completion for the start of the academic year, light gauge steel framing made from TRUECORE® steel delivered. Prefabricated and then assembled on site, impressively large roof truss and frame modules were craned to height, then safely and eciently installed into their elevated positions. The end result is a state-of-the-art learning space designed in the round and produced on time.

To learn more visit: truecore.com.au/smallsroad

TRUECORE®, BlueScope and the BlueScope brand mark are registered trade marks of BlueScope Steel Limited. © BlueScope Steel Limited 2021 ABN 16 000 011 058. All rights reserved. Image courtesy of School Infrastructure NSW and Austruss.



THE COVER Rising Stars in the AEC Industry 2021 – story on page 10 and continued on page 27

CHANNELS ENVIRONMENTAL + SUSTAINABILTY 16 Vertical Forests as Residential Housing STRUCTURES + BUILDINGS 18 Contractor Drives Micropile Production, Safety with KLEMM Equipment 21 Vancouver Fire Hall Achieves Zero Carbon Certification, Incorporates Structural Thermal Breaks 23 Powering the Shift to Electric Mines 24 How an Engineer Deals with an Elephant in the Room TRANSPORTATION + INFRASTRUCTURE 25 The Future of Public-Private Partnerships WATER + STORMWATER 33 Precise Pipeline Design Provides Stormwater Runoff Control to Protect West Vancouver 36 Improving Risk Mitigation with WINT BUSINESS NEWS 37 Florida is Leading the Way with Private Provider Inspections SOFTWARE + TECHNOLOGY 38 Beyond Level of Detail into AM/FM SURVEYING 41 Mapping the Smart Path to Happiness


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“You walked into that club and it smelled like show business” – Jerry Seinfeld In this issue, we feature and celebrate 2021's Rising Stars. They are our industry colleagues under the age of 40 who have distinguished themselves technically, led teams, delivered great projects, and given back to their professions and communities. All were nominated by the firms in which they work. Please take a few minutes to read their amazing stories. Catch a Rising Star (CaRS) was one of the first comedy clubs in New York City. Founded in 1972 by Rick Newman, it launched the careers of an astounding number of comics. Many turned into stars and then exploded into supernova – including Robin Williams, Billy Crystal, Elayne Boozler, Chris Rock – and Jerry Seinfeld. The early history of CaRS is a case study in creating and nurturing talent. 1. Be a place that is of its time. CaRS vibrated on a different frequency. It ran one continuous show that lasted late into the night. And in the words of Newman “You weren’t watching your father’s comedians on the Ed Sullivan Show.” The club spoke to a new generation. Does your firm do the same? Are you maximizing the potential of technology? Do you offer contemporary benefits like flexible work options, parental leave, and wellness benefits? Does your firm “give back” and do you encourage your staff to do the same? 2. Offer opportunities to try new material. Mondays – the slowest day of the week at CaRS - became Audition Night. Up and comers performed their sets during the week. It was a safe place to try new material and learn from a live audience. Are you offering your team similar opportunities to innovate and learn? 3. Coach and Mentor. David Brenner was an established comic when he walked through CaRS’s door in 1972. He gave the club legitimacy and star power. He was also generous with his time. Brenner coached up the comics who were going to perform on The Tonight Show for the first time. And he and other veteran comics held late night ses- sions with the younger talent where career advice, lessons learned, and war stories were served up. At Zweig Group, our mission is to Elevate the Industry. The profession of engineering is no joke, and we don’t advise clients on scent. But when you elevate your firm and its culture, you create space above for your own rising stars to shine.

How to Catch a Rising Star

Tom Godin

TOM GODIN is advisor of Strategic Planning at Zweig Group. Contact him at tgodin@zweiggroup.com.


july 2021


“By 2025, millennials will make up 75 percent of the workforce.” Whether accurate or not, (the number was recently challenged but remained widely accepted to be fact), we have all read or heard this statement at some point in the last few years. This number has driven plenty of workplace articles, each of which drawing a differ- ent prediction or sentiment of what that means to their respective target audience. And today, it’s my turn. As someone born in the early 80s, and blessed (or cursed, especially in terms of career advancement) with a very youthful appearance and “vibe,” I personally cannot wait for my generation to rise to power, and take over the world figuratively and literally. I have worked most of my association and marketing career supporting and betting on young professionals and emerging leaders. I have made it my personal mission to advocate for this group whenever I have the opportunity to. I have shoved and pushed my way to the room (sometimes I am fortunate enough to have an actual seat at the table) just so I could be the person in that room or at that table to throw an emerging professional’s name in the hat – be it a speaking opportunity, a nomination for an award, a publishing opportunity, their name on a project, or a promotion; I strive to be these bright young stars’ advocate. I have worked closely alongside plenty of brilliant millennials in AEC and beyond, who are resourceful, social- ly conscious, efficient, adventurous, and incredibly adaptable, but not always heard or seen. They are today. At Zweig Group, we embrace the idea of Rising Stars. In our Dallas office, I am the oldest staff member by over a decade, and I am not even 40 yet. I am in awe of our office’s work ethic, pace, efficiency of collaboration, dedication, and intelligence. If they were eligible for this award, I would have entered each of their names. The bigger picture I want to make sure we don’t miss today, however, is that each of these 2021 Rising Stars winners that you will read about in the following pages has someone in “the room” advocating for them. As much as we must credit these Rising Stars for their own hard work and subsequent accomplishment, the cold hard truth is unless their firm, a manager, or a mentor, cares to encourage and recognize it, hard work and bril - liance often get buried. I want to applaud all the firms and nominators for taking the time and effort to give credit where it’s due. Giving credit and recognition might actually be the easy part, having created opportunities and carved out space for these Rising Stars to shine is the actual admirable part. Winning this award says a lot about the Rising Stars themselves, but we must not neglect what that also says about these firms. Be it 75 percent or 40 percent, this generation is a (work) force to be reckoned with, and so much more capable than we can probably even imagine. I look forward to growing older and wiser with my fellow emerging pro- fessionals; and making every room and every table we occupy the room to be in and the table to be at. I predict we will see some of our winners in these rooms and tables.

the room where it happened

Shirley Che

SHIRLEY CHE is Marketing Manager at Zweig Group. Contact her at sche@zweiggroup.com.



july 2021

events + virtual Events

august 2021

Foundations for Extremes webinar august 19 & 26 – virtual

Join CHANCE® for a two-part webinar to learn how extreme events such as earthquakes, tsunamis, storm surges, hurricanes, floods and other natural disasters often cause substantial damage to the foundation of existing structures that requires rapid response for repair. In some areas, recurring events produce repeating damage to traditional foundations of lightly loaded residential and commercial structures. Learn why helical piles are an attractive engineered solution that can be used to provide rapid high capacity load bearing characteristics in most geologic settings for both new foundations and remedial repair. https://csengineermag.com/foundations-for-extremes/ september 2021 Euro-Global Conference on Biotechnology and Bioengineering september 6-8 – Rome, italy Magnus group takes the honor to invite you all the participants to Euro- Global Conference on Biotechnology and Bioengineering (ECBB 2021) takes place on September 06-08, 2021 at Rome, Italy under the theme ‘Addressing Current Challenges in Biotechnology and Bioengineering’. https://biotechnology-conferences.magnusgroup.org/register Commercial UAV Expo Americas 2021 is where the commercial drone community gathers to learn, connect, and drive the industry forward. In addition to content about new opportunities and challenges the industry is facing due to COVID-19, industries covered include Construction; Drone Delivery; Energy & Utilities; Forestry & Agriculture; Infrastructure & Transportation; Mining & Aggregates; Public Safety & Emergency Services; Security; and Surveying & Mapping. It is presented by Commercial UAV News and organized by Diversified Communications. https://www.expouav.com/ 2021 Virtual Elevate AEC Conference & ElevateHER Symposium september 13 - October 7 The ElevateAEC Conference & ElevateHer Symposium is a FREE four-week virtual experience with over 40 speakers and 30 credit hours of networking, learning, and celebrating – all in an unlimited virtual environment. With over 1900 registrants at the 2020 virtual conference, this event will once again connect and support a wide audience in the AEC industry, from emerging professionals to project managers to C-Suites, from all around the nation. https://virtual-elevate-aec-conference.heysummit.com/ Commercial UAV Expo Americas september 7-9 – las vegas, nv

UESI Pipelines 2021 Conference august 3-6 – virtual

The Pipelines 2021 Conference is part of the new ASCE Utility Engineering &Surveying Institute (UESI). The conference will continue to provide a forum for pipeline engineers and practitioners from all around the world to share their experiences in meeting the challenges of today's pipeline infrastructure. This premier industry event has become the conference of choice for utility and pipeline owners, design and consulting engineers, contractors, manufacturers, suppliers, students, educators, researchers, and pipeline professionals. The conference will also include surveying as it relates to pipeline and utility projects. https://www.pipelinesconference.org/ The recommended prerequisite for this course is Zweig Group’s Project Management for AEC Professionals as this advanced-level content builds on and hones the skills developed in this course. This course is ideal for people that have existing experience leading projects and teams. A new advanced skills training course for project managers led by a panel of three experts backed by a ton of research on how to best train project managers to be more effective and efficient. Advanced Project Management for AEC Professionals august 10 – virtual https://shop.zweiggroup.com/collections/webinars/products/advanced- project-management-for-aec-professionals-virtual-seminar-starting- february-3-2021?variant=39017772679319 Powered by the global reach of the Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International (AUVSI), XPONENTIAL is the only gathering for leaders and end users in every industry to share use cases, experience new technology, strike up new partnerships, and solve real problems. It’s a global platform optimized to help big ideas take flight. From hands-on demos on the XPO floor to a video call with someone on the other side of the globe, personal relationships are at the heart of the experience– because a single conversation could spark your next ‘aha’ moment. https://www.xponential.org/xponential2021/public/Enter.aspx The Offshore Technology Conference is where energy professionals meet to exchange ideas and opinions to advance scientific and technical knowledge for offshore resources.OTC gives you access to leading- edge technical information, the industry’s largest equipment exhibition, and valuable new professional contacts from around the world. Its large international participation provides excellent opportunities for global sharing of technology, expertise, products, and best practices. OTC brings together industry leaders, investors, buyers, and entrepreneurs to develop markets and business partnerships. https://2021.otcnet.org/ AUVSI XPONENTIAL august 16-19 – atlanta, ga offshore technology conference 2021 august 16-19 – houston, tx

graphisoft building together digital event september 14-16

Our three-day digital event, Building Together will offer insights into the most challenging and important issues for architects and engineers. Through a carefully curated program, the conference will showcase critical themes in the industry — from sustainability



july 2021

to the future of architecture — from integrated design to Building Lifecycle Intelligence. https://buildingtogether.graphisoft.com/

organised with Malaysia’s official professional organisation for the engineering fraternity – The Institution of Engineers (IEM). This industry trade event is aimed towards providing engineering professionals in Malaysia and the region with an exciting and unique platform to gain an insight into cutting-edge solutions and advanced engineering technologies by international leading manufacturers. ENGINEER offers invaluable opportunities to network, collaborate and exchange ideas over the four-day event. https://engineermalaysia.com.my/ ArchConf 2021 is a one of a kind education event for software architects and technical leads/developers. Presented to you by the No Fluff Just Stuff Software Symposium Series. Topics Include: Software Architecture, Domain Driven Design, Kubernetes, Containers, Microservices, Cloud Native Architecture, AWS, Machine Learning, Big Data, Enterprise Security, Soft Skills, Measuring and Profiling, and Distributed Teams. https://archconf.com/app/ticket/event/515 on demand ARCHCONF 2021 - Software Architecture Conference december 13-15 – clearwater, fl Join Newforma, Autodesk, and Schmidt Architects to learn how the construction technology space is progressing towards more unity and the benefits of working in a connected environment. Discover how Newforma’s integration with Autodesk BIM 360 further streamlines collaboration to provide increased flexibility to view, search, and manage project files to improve project delivery. https://csengineermag.com/newforma-autodesk-bim360/ Composite steel construction has been recognized for a number of years as one of the most economical systems for constructing building floors. This webinar will focus on information contained within SJI’s “2nd Edition CJ-Series Composite Joists,” which includes the standard specifications, weight tables, bridging tables and code of standard practice; share how one can utilize SJI’s Floor Bay Tool for estimating the cost of CJ-Series joists; and describe recent projects where CJ-Series composite joists have been utilized. https://csengineermag.com/economic-floor-systems-with-composite- steel-joists/ Newforma & Autodesk BIM 360 – Working Together 1 pdh Economic Floor Systems with Composite Steel Joists 1 pdh

IABSE Congress Ghent 2021 september 22-24 – ghent, belgium

The International Association for Bridge and Structural Engineering (IABSE) is a scientific/technical Association comprising members in 100 countries and counting 56 National Groups. The aim of the Association is to exchange knowledge and to advance the practice of structural engineering worldwide in the service of the profession and society. Founded in 1929, IABSE hosted a series of Congresses every four years from 1932 to 2016 and every year from 2019. https://iabse.org/ghent2021 october 2021 DigiMarCon EMEA 2021 Digital Marketing, Media and Advertising Conference will take place October 20th to 21st, 2021, Online; Live and On Demand. It’s the one digital marketing event for marketing professionals in the EMEARegion (Europe, Middle East &Africa) you can’t afford to miss! Whether your goal is to reinforce customer loyalty, improve lead generation, increase sales, or drive stronger consumer engagement, DigiMarCon EMEA 2021’s agenda will help attendees enhance their marketing efforts. Sessions will focus on building traffic, expanding brand awareness, improving customer service and gaining insight into today’s latest digital tools. https://digimarconemea.com/ november 2021 DigiMarCon EMEA 2021 october 20-21 Zweig Group is thrilled to announce that the annual in-person ElevateAEC Awards Gala will return in 2021. Due to recent guidance from the CDC as well as loosening guidelines from the State of Colorado, the 2021 ElevateAEC Conference and Awards Gala is opening up registrations and restoring the full agenda for the annual in-person conference in Denver, November 3-5. This includes bringing back the iconic black-tie awards gala celebrating the 2021 winners of the Hot Firm list, Best Firms To Work For, Marketing Excellence, Rising Stars, Top New Ventures and the Jerry Allen Courage In Leadership Awards. In accordance with CDC, state, and venue requirements, masks will not be required for vaccinated individuals. https://www.zweiggroup.com/2021-inperson-elevate-aec-conf-gala/ december 2021 ENGINEER 2021 december 1-4 – malaysia ENGINEER is the newest trade exhibition presented by C.I.S jointly ElevateAEC Conference & Awards Gala november 3-5 –denver, co


july 2021


AEC Industry

Once again, it is one of my favorite times of year. We are seeing some trends from the Best Firms To Work For Survey . This gives us a good pulse of how employees are feeling within the industry. We are getting to see some impressive growth from our Hot Firm Award Winners. The marketing campaigns that won our Marketing Excellence Awards were first class and continue to impress our panel of judges. Our Rising Stars in the AEC Industry continues to grow and it is getting more and more difficult to select from the outstanding nominations. All of our award winners deserve to be and will be celebrated. We are very excited to bring back the in-person Elevate AEC conference again this year where we will get to host the huge Awards Ceremony and Black Tie Gala that has become so iconic. Let’s take a quick look at some of what we will be celebrating this year. Numbers overall are up in 2021 when compared to 2020. Not only are they up across the board, but they are up significantly as well. 2021 saw the largest year-over-year increase in our data set dating back to 2018. This is a very good sign. Numbers in 2020 decreased across the board on overage as you would expect to happen during the COVID-19 pandemic. Not only did we see scores rebound from the 2020 dip, they are above where we saw them in 2019. This to me shows that firms are emerging from the strange days of working through the pandemic stronger and in better position than they were before the pandemic. By no means do we want working through a pandemic to be the new normal, but hopefully firms have been able to carry some of the positive adjustments they had to make in 2020 to keep improving and I believe this is evidence of firms doing just that.

From the end of Fiscal year 2017 to the end of FY 2020, the average Hot Firm grew by $29.7 million. They also grew by an average of 85 percent over that same time period. Both of these are incredible growth numbers especially given the challenges that 2020 produced. This is great news. It shows that there is real growth going on in the industry, helping to create and retain good, high paying jobs. This is something we can all celebrate right now. We also saw a very strong group of Rising Stars nominees but especially winners. We will share a little bit more about each one below, but this group really stood out. They all have very unique skill sets and backgrounds. They are technical and non-technical professionals, from all over the United States and outside of it. It is getting really tough to select our Rising Stars in the AEC Industry , but this group deserves to be celebrated for all they have already accomplished.

KYLE AHERN is the Awards Manager at Zweig Group. He can be reached at kahern@zweiggroup.com.



july 2021

Rising stars in civil engineering

Engineer V Lockwood, Andrews & Newnam, Inc. (LAN) Houston, Texas

Robin has nearly 10 years of experience designing civil and structural engineering proj- ects. During her career, she has designed several significant projects including the world’s largest semi-submersible central processing facility. In 2016, she transitioned to civil in- frastructure and land development, working on solutions for Buffalo Bayou erosion control and bank stabilization by designing sheet pile wall and site grading. Since 2019, Robin has also served as a project manager for LAN, managing the firm’s Houston transportation team and responsible for staff development, client relations, and market growth in the Houston Area. Accomplishments: • Mykawa Road Roadway and Drainage Improvements, Deputy Project Manager and Design Lead • Transportation Improvement, University of Houston, Deputy Project Manager • Evaluation of Cracked Tie Plates on Bridge Carrying SR422 over the Schuylkill River Public/Professional Service: ASCE, ACEC, The Society for Naval Architects and Marine Engineers (SNAME) secretary and treasurer, LAN Resiliency Team, Fort Bend County Hurricane Harvey Recovery Program volunteer Education: BS in Civil Engineering, Tongji University, MS in Civil Engineering, Lehigh University

Robin Li, PE, ENV SP

Principal/ Roadway Group Manager Patel, Greene & Associates, LLC Bartow, Florida

Joe Lauk is a principal with PGA as well as the Roadway Group Manager. As the 15th employee at the company, he has been a huge contributor to the growth of the Roadway Group from 7 to 30 employees. Joe has successfully led his team to some of the biggest contracts in his firm’s history, including a $12.5M, 5-year General Engineering Consul - tant contract with FDOT District One. Joe plays an integral role within PGA’s leadership and helping the firm continue to grow while adhering to its founding principles: Integrity, Commitment, Excellence. Accomplishments: • General Engineering Consultant–FDOT District One, Contract Manager • SR 64 at Rye Rd. Roundabout, Project Manager and Engineer of Record Public/Professional Service: American Council of Engineering Companies of Florida (ACEC-FL)–Consultant Grading Subcommittee and District One Project Manager Train - ing, Florida Engineering Leadership Institute Class of 2019 Education: BS in Civil Engineering, University of South Florida

Joseph M. Lauk, PE


july 2021


Vice President of Operations Sullivan Engineering, LLC New York, New York

With hard work, dedication, and a passion for the industry, Kevin has quickly climbed the ranks at Sullivan Engineering and now has served as Vice President of Operations for the last five years. Kevin has made an immeasurable impact on the organization, embracing his role as a member of the leadership team and never being too busy to guide and mentor those who are new to the industry. He continues to provide exceptional support and services to his clients, contractors, and team members, all while exhibiting the core values of his firm. Accomplishments: • Parkchester North & South, Project Manager and Sr. Project Manager • 50 Hampshire St, Cambridge, Sr. Project Manager • Church of the Good Shepherd Public/Professional Service: IREM Boston member, BOMABoston member of emerging professionals committee and engineering committee, IIBEC NYC Chapter Member Education: BS in Civil Engineering, Manhattan College, MS in Civil Engineering, Manhattan College

Kevin Duffy, PE

Rising stars in structural engineering

Co-Founder & Managing Partner Shear Structural Atlanta, Georgia

Malory co-founded Georgia’s only all women-owned and managed structural engineering firm in 2017. Malory leads a firm that is not only successful, but also endeavors to inspire young women and minorities to consider a career in engineering. Malory and her firm are intent on evolving the profession by positively impacting their community and influencing the built environment for the next generation. Malory is also involved in improving her community, serving on a number of committees and professional organizations to promote greater diversity in the AEC industry. Accomplishments: • Creation of Shear Structural Women in Structural Engineering Fellowship at Georgia Tech Public/Professional Service: Urban Land Institute (Atlanta Chapter) Board of Advisors, Management Committee, Women’s Leadership Initiative, UrbanPlan Facilitator, etc. SPIKE Studio Board Member, US Green Building Council (Georgia Chapter), Technology Association of Georgia, Society for Marketing Professional Services Education: BS in Building Construction, Georgia Tech, MBA, Georgia State University

Malory Atkinson, CPSM, LEED GA



july 2021

Associate BASE Chicago, Illinois

Mark joined BASE in 2010, and he has been working on challenging and complex projects since his first day. Mark began his career with BASE at their Honolulu headquarters before moving home to their Chicago office after being promoted to senior structural engineer. Throughout his career, Mark has been able to demonstrate a flexibility, creativity, and attention to detail that have allowed him to flourish. Accomplishments:

• Repair Building 26A, Pearl Harbor, Lead Engineer • Pierce Terrace Elementary School, Project Manager • Koula, Manager

Public/Professional Service: American Concrete Institute, associate member, Committees 134 & 347, Design-Build Institute of America, Structural Engineers Association of Illinois Education: BS in Civil Engineering, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign MS in Civil Engineering, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Mark Hirschi, SE

Senior Associate, Senior Project Manager Walter P Moore Houston, Texas

Dean regularly bridges the gap between the architectural and engineering communities by stepping into leadership roles and focusing on collaboration and equity. A licensed professional engineer, Dean became very active in the Houston architectural community through AIA in 2017 with the founding of Women in Architecture. Dean’s ability to lead in the community is well demonstrated, and it coincides with her ability to manage mid-to high-rise projects across the US. Accomplishments: • JW Marriott Luxury Hotel, Engineer of Record • Methodist Centennial Hospital Tower, Senior Project Manager Public/Professional Service: Walter P Moore’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Council Co-Chair, Women in Architecture Houston, Houston AIA Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Collective Education: BS in Civil Engineering, Rutgers University, MS in Civil Engineering, The University of Texas at Austin

Amanda Dean, PE


july 2021


Structural Software Engineer Bentley Systems, Inc. Metairie, Lousiana

Mozafarri is a multi-talented researcher and engineer with advanced expertise in software development of linear and nonlinear finite element analysis of structures and materials coupled with a background in industry and academia. His highlighted experience at Bent - ley Systems is developing new computer programs to analyze and design offshore jacket structures, wind turbines, and supporting piles using finite element methods. Accomplishments: • Developed Modules of SACS Software including Gap, Seastate, PSI, and Pile3D for Offshore Wind Public/Professional Service: ASCE–Structural Engineering and Engineering Mechanics Institutes,Full Member, ASCE Journal of Engineering Mechanics, ASCE Journal of Mate- rials in Civil Engineering Education: Ph.D. in Civil Engineering, Louisiana State University, MS in Applied Math - ematics, Louisiana State University, MS in Structural Engineering, University of Tehran, BS in Civil Engineering, Isfahan University of Technology

Navid Mozaffari, Ph.D., SE, PE, M.ASCE



july 2021

Rising stars in architecture

Senior Associate LAN Associates Goshen, New York

Danielle has the experience, talent, vision, and leadership skills to take a project from conceptual design to ribbon cutting, making her an invaluable asset for LAN Associates’ Goshen, NY office. When the office is awarded an educational project, Danielle is the go to person. On top of an extensive background in shaping educational landscapes, Danielle is also influential in shaping the culture of her company, participating in the LAN mentor - ship program and LAN Women’s Network. Accomplishments: • School Bond Referendum, Mamaroneck, NY, Project Architect • Goshen High School Renovation and Expansion 2019, Designer Public/Professional Service: Vision Hudson Valley, Executive Board, Leadership Orange, LAN Women’s Network Education: AS in Architectural Technology, State University of New York, Morrisville BS in Architecture, University of Buffalo

Danielle L. Farrell, AIA LEED AP

Project Manager/ Landscape Architect Stewart Durham, North Carolina

Katie Hamilton’s career is defined by project design, public service, management, and leadership. After identifying a passion for urban design early in her career, Katie earned a Master’s in the specialty and has spent the last seven years dedicated to improving the quality of life in everyday public spaces. Within her 200+ employee interdisciplinary design, engineering, and planning firm, Katie serves as the go-to expert in local ordinances and their implications for design. Accomplishments: • Fayetteville Ballpark Entry Plaza • Forest at Duke • Durham Innovation District • 300 E. Main, Durham Public/Professional Service: ULI– Women’s Leadership Initiative Mentorship Program, Durham Historic Preservation Committee– Chair Education: Urban Design degree, University of North Carolina at Charlotte, BS Land - scape Architecture, North Carolina State University, NCSU Prague Institute

Katie Hamilton, PLA


july 2021


Vertical Forests as Residential Housing By Luke Carothers

Over the course of the last year or so, much of the world’s population had to grapple with life confined to their home for an indefinite period of time. Many people, as a result of a more home-centered life cycle, have made the decision to move closer to nature. In order to accommo- date this sentiment with those individuals who don’t wish to leave the city, architectural firms such as Dewan are attempting to incorporate nature into award-winning designs. One stunning example of this blending of nature and architecture is Dewan’s Solforest Ecopark, which is currently being constructed in Vietnam. Located in Hanoi, this massive 1,194-unit development is slated to be completed in 2022. The project is inspired by the Ecopark Master Plan model of green living lifestyle, as well as the community culture of Vietnamese cities. During the design phase of the project, the team at Dewan had to convince the developer that a high-rise, high-density project would be successful. While the developer previously had success designing and delivering mid-to-low rise units and amenities, the team at De- wan convinced them that designing the building as a hanging vertical garden with strategically placed balconies and rooftop gardens would maintain the natural countryside aesthetic of the area. What truly makes this project special, however, is the more than mil- lion trees that are incorporated in the design. In addition, the building's towers will also feature rooftop gardens. These green design elements will not just provide a green view for residents of the building, but will immerse them in it. These green design elements also serve a second- ary function. These rooftop gardens and trees function as an extra skin for the building. During the hotter months, the trees and gardens serve to shade the building from the sun, and, in the winter months, they serve to insulate the building, keeping it warm. In addition to designing natural elements for the benefit of the build - ing’s residents, the team at Dewan incorporated a number of amenities that are enhanced by the natural elements. For example, the project features a 200-square-meter multipurpose children’s area, as well as distinct swimming pools for adults and children, barbecue and private gardens, and retail and dining opportunities. With as many trees and gardens as are incorporated into this design, the question of water consumption comes to the forefront. In order to minimize water consumption for the project, the team has designed a cutting-edge watering system. Taking into account both the type of plant being watered and the orientation of the given balcony, the team at Dewan strategically positioned the air conditioning units of each

apartment to drip condensed water into the planters. In addition, the design features grey water recycling that is treated on technical floors and reused for watering in the summer dry months. Most importantly, however, the team at Dewan specifically chose plants that would thrive under these circumstances. The Solforest Ecopark represents a firm-wide intent at Dewan to pro - tect buildings from the natural elements by designing their projects to adapt to their unique surroundings. In turn, this will allow buildings to protect themselves. While this concept came to fruition in the form of greenery based on the climate of Ecopark, the team is also extending this idea to areas such as the Middle East where they are experimenting with building underground, using the soil as insulation and controlling the entrance of direct sunlight.

LUKE CAROTHERS is the Editor for Civil + Structural Engineer Media. If you want us to cover your project or want to feature your own article, he can be reached at lcarothers@zweiggroup.com.



july 2021

An enriching experience full of thought leaders, next practices and the ultimate source of learning, networking, and celebration for firms across the AEC industries. This year, Zweig Group’s annual Elevate AEC Conference is in two formats: the FREE Virtual ElevateAEC Conference & ElevateHer Symposium and the In-Person ElevateAEC Conference & Awards Gala .

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In-Person ElevateAEC Conference & Awards Gala The 2021 In-Person ElevateAEC Conference & Awards Gala will be held at the Hyatt Regency in Denver, Colorado on November 3-5, 2021. Withmuch optimism and excitement, Zweig Group is thrilled to restore the full annual in-person conference this fall; presenting the highest level of curated thought leadership, numerous networking opportunities, and the iconic black-tie awards gala celebrating all our 2021 winners of the Hot Firm List, Best Firms toWork For, Marketing Excellence, Rising Stars, Top New Ventures, and the Jerry Allen Courage in Leadership Award! The 2021 In-Person ElevateAEC Conference & Awards Gala will be the industry’s top conference of 2021 with new networking and learning opportunities for leaders across the country. Trust us, you will not want tomiss this! Register now to guarantee your spot.

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Contractor Drives Micropile Production, Safety with KLEMM Equipment By Brian M. Fraley

Technical Foundations has been providing specialty foundation con- tracting services along the Eastern Seaboard for 27 years, with a heavy focus on Virginia and the Carolinas. The contractor’s reputation for taking on unique projects is evident in its selection of equipment, the most recent of which was the rental of a KLEMM drilling rig and rod handling attachment from Equipment Corporation of America (ECA). “Technical Foundations specializes in unique projects,” says Project Engineer Butch Stoneman. “We like to provide cost-efficient, innova - tive solutions, and sustainable ground improvements for challenging sites where conventional approaches won't quite work.” The contractor has done business with the ECA Washington branch for more than 10 years. Although the original connection was with Branch Manager Mike Brown – known by Stoneman and many other contractors for his intricate knowledge of the KLEMM line – it was Account Manager Greg Barta that arranged the rental of the drilling rig and rod handling attachment. Technical Foundations is no stranger to KLEMM drilling rigs, but ECA’s KLEMM specialist Burt Kerns was sent to conduct on-site operator training for the team at the beginning of the project since this was the contractor’s first time using the HBR 120 Rod Handling Attachment. Micropiles Chosen to Avoid Disruption Technical Foundations put the KLEMM drilling rig and handling system to work in January 2021 on a project near Roanoke, Vir - ginia. The contractor was hired to install 230 micropiles to support a sizeable commercial building addition and multi-story precast parking garage. The micropiles would be spread across the roughly two-acre site to support the proposed structures in unsuitable soils. The existing site was essentially a valley that had been backfilled with a variety of ma - terials to level it. Technical Foundations started off by test drilling to locate the bedrock. During that process, it discovered that unsuitable fill would make it im - possible to build the structures on conventional spread footers without settlement issues. Various deep foundation systems were considered. The existing business would remain fully operational, so avoiding disruption was

critical. Driven piles were ruled out primarily due to the vibration that would occur with pile driving and heavy equipment. After several load tests, it was determined that six-inch-diameter piles would achieve the right capacity. They were to be clustered in a pile cap configuration around the building columns and under some of the grade beams. Micropile Drilling with the KLEMM The KLEMM KR 806-3G was the primary workhorse for micropile drilling. Technical Foundations had several other rigs on standby. “It was more efficient to have one drill concentrating on drilling and the other focused on grouting the holes afterwards,” says Stoneman. “It was also a really tight schedule, so we had an extra machine out there to make sure our flow of work wasn't interrupted.” The KR 806-3G was drilling piles from 20 feet to 65 feet deep and seating them five feet into bedrock. The top layer of fill material was generally soft and moist, containing a mixture of concrete debris, tree roots, and various types of soil that had been in place for up to 40 years. The native soil below was a weathered rock, which was underlain by bedrock. “We chose the KLEMM because it was the most reliable machine we had available, and with the different features it has, it was going to be a little bit more versatile in difficult drilling conditions,” says Stoneman. Stoneman is referring to the rig’s electronic shifting capabilities, which allow for the changing of torque and speed. The KR 806-3G’s double- head drilling capability was also beneficial since it has separate drives for the outer casing and inner rod. This was especially helpful when drilling through different types of materials and formations. Technical Foundations drilled holes with a KLEMM KR 806-3G and fed rod and casing sections to the rig with an excavator-mounted HBR 120 Rod Handling Attachment on a micropile project near Roanoke, Virginia.



july 2021

ing rig operator can detach from both joints, then raise the head up, so it's a faster transition to add the next piece of drill steel.” The HBR 120 can fit on any brand of excavator, but Technical Founda - tions kept it mounted on a Komatsu. Mounting the attachment was simple. The contractor built an adapter that allowed the rod handling attachment to be easily mounted to the arm with pins and bolts. A pig- gyback system facilitated the connection of hydraulic hoses and elec- tronics to the fuse block of the excavator. This allowed the operator to easily control the functions of the rod handling attachment, including rotating, tilting, clamping casing, and inner rods. The HBR 120 can rotate on a 360-degree axis, but Technical Founda - tions did not require that level of movement on this project. The bigger focus was getting the rod handling attachment and the drilling rig mast on the right plane to keep the casing properly aligned so the sections would thread properly. This process required careful communication between a spotter and the drilling rig and excavator operators. The KLEMM drilling rig was operated by remote control so he had the flexibility to move into a position with better visibility. The spotter used hand signaling to help both operators to properly line up the joints. Taking Safety to a New Level The KLEMM rod handling attachment also improved safety for the Technical Foundations ground crew. The 10-foot-long inner rod and casing sections were about 300 pounds, which have the potential to cause serious injuries. “By using the rod handler, you reduce the chance of a pipe section Careful hand signaling was required between a spotter and the equipment operators to get the rod handling attachment and drilling rig mast on the right plane to keep the casing sections properly aligned.

KLEMM Rod Handling Attachment Drives Productivity KLEMM Drilling Rigs can be equipped with a MAG 7.0 Revolver, which is ideal for deep foundation methods like tiebacks or soil nails where the casing is being reused. The KR 806-3G Technical Foun - dations rented on the Roanoke project did not have a revolver since micropile casings are a one-time use. The HBR 120 Rod Handling Attachment proved to be a better fit. The drilling crew would drill a hole with the casing and the inner rod. The KR 806-3G operator would leave the casing in place and pull the inner rods. The HBR 120 was then used to grab the inner rod and feed it back into the next piece of casing. “When the crew was ready to start drilling the next hole, they were all ready to go,” says Stoneman. “Having the casing and rods pre-loaded allowed them to drill at a faster production rate.” The smoothness of the micropile drilling operation nearly doubled productivity compared to the contractor’s traditional method. Techni- cal Foundations would traditionally use the winch to hoist the casing and inner rod and make the connection by hand. The contractor would typically achieve 6 to 8 micropiles daily with that method compared to the 14 it completed using the KLEMM rod handling attachment. “The rod handler holds the inner rod and casing still so that we can make the connection to the drill head,” explains Stoneman. “The drill- ECA’s Account Manager Greg Barta arranged the rental of the KLEMM drilling rig and rod handling attachment and KLEMM specialist Burt Kerns conducted on-site operator training for the team at the beginning of the project since this was the contractor’s first time using the HBR 120.


july 2021


Stoneman says, “Our crew worked through some extreme conditions and the equipment improved productivity, so we finished the job sev - eral days ahead of schedule even after starting about a week behind.” Technical Foundations rented the KLEMM drilling rig and rod han - dling attachment from ECA for the Roanoke project. After it was com- plete, the safety and productivity gains combined with the potential for future projects made the decision to purchase the HBR 120 an easy one for the contractor. Technical Foundations didn’t have enough relevant work to keep the KR 806-3G consistently busy at that point. “We were exceptionally pleased with the productivity and the safety it (HBR 120) added to the project,” says Stoneman. “We see multiple places where it will benefit us in the future.”

coming loose and falling and hurting somebody, but you also are able to get people's hands away from joints,” says Stoneman. “When you can fully eliminate serious injury or any potential human contact, it's a positive thing.” The ability to control the KLEMM drilling rig via remote control added to the safety of the micropile drilling operation. Groundwater kept dust control at a minimum on the Roanoke project, but the ability for the operator to move to an area with improved visibility was helpful. “With the remote control, the operator can position himself where he's out of the dust that can occur during drilling and in a place where he can best see what's going on,” Stoneman says. “The farther away you can get from the machine, the safer the operator is.” Beating the Deadline Despite Additional Micropiles The owner at the Roanoke project had a drop-dead opening date for this building, so they couldn't extend the schedule, according to Stone- man. Further complicating matters, the owner called for 40 additional piles between the bid submission and project start date. Technical Foundations arrived on site at the Roanoke project in January of 2021 and finished in late February of 2021. Technical Foundations completed 14 micropiles per day because of the KLEMM rod handling attachment, compared to the 6 to 8 it would normally achieve using traditional methods.

The HBR 120 can rotate on a 360-degree axis, but Technical Foundations did not require that level of movement on this project.



july 2021


Vancouver’s new Fire Hall 17 reflects the city’s design challenge to build a structure that meets the design certification requirements of the Canada Green Building Council’s Zero Carbon Building Program, one of 16 such pilot projects in Canada. The partners are also pursuing LEED Gold certification and, if approved, the building will be the first fire hall in North America to attain Passive House certification. These ambitious targets were set to align with City’s sustainability policies. According to HCMAArchitecture and Design, the building will reduce operational carbon emissions by 77 percent, compared with the fire hall it is replacing. The 19,375 sq ft (1800 m2) facility comprises four drive-through appa- ratus bays, accommodations for two firefighting crews and offices in the main building, and a six-story hose storage/training tower. Like all fire halls in Canada, the facility will serve as a post-disaster emergency hub, which requires a resilient building that can withstand seismic events. To meet the seismic requirements of Canada’s National Building code, the building has a stout reinforced concrete structure with a structural steel frame for portions of the third level. The main building is clad in brick and metal panels that cant outward at the base giving the form a strong and sturdy presence. Mitigating exterior and interior thermal bridging Central to meeting zero carbon goals is the building’s high-performance envelope, which wraps reinforced concrete walls with an 8 in. (20 cm) thick layer of mineral wool board having an R-value of 33, and an air barrier that allows a scant 0.6 of air change per hour at 50 Pascals of pressure. However, structural concrete and steel elements that penetrate the en- velope between the main building and tower, maintained at dissimilar temperatures, would allow the unabated passage of heat energy, absent a thermal bridging solution. “The fire hall has two thermal zones: the administrative offices and living spaces set 68˚F (20˚C), and the ground-level apparatus bay and training tower set to 50˚F (10˚C),” says Elise Woestyn, Passive House consultant with HCMA Architecture and Design. The struc- tures share a concrete frame at ground level, and are connected by combinations of steel frame and concrete bridges on levels two and CERTIFICATION, INCORPORATES STRUCTURAL THERMAL BREAKS City of Vancouver sets aggressive environmental goals for the new facility

three, and a steel frame at level four. Due to the temperature differ- ences, the designers needed to thermally isolate the two zones, while maintaining structural continuity. “Our need to address thermal bridging led us to structural thermal breaks,” says Federica Piccone, architect with HCMA Architecture and Design. At the connection points, the design team specified Isokorb® concrete- to-concrete and concrete-to-steel structural thermal breaks fromSchöck North America. Each concrete-to-concrete module consists of a rigid foam block penetrated by stainless steel rebar that is tied into rebar on both sides of the slab or wall before concrete is poured conventionally. Each concrete-to-steel structural thermal break includes stainless steel rebar projecting from one side of the module that ties into rebar of the interior slab, and stainless steel threaded rod projecting from the opposite side of the module that bolts to exterior steel beam flanges. Three concrete balconies also project from the tower’s facade. Con- crete-to-concrete thermal breaks were installed between each balcony and interior slab to mitigate thermal bridging, while withstanding the rotational and shear forces created by these cantilevers.


july 2021


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