HOT|COOL NO. 4/2021 - "Going Greener"

DH in the area of Copenhagen The areas marked with light blue indicate the transmission pipeline belonging to VEKS.

better, as you store the district heating when it is cheap to produce - conversely, you use the heat from the storage when it is expensive to produce. Therefore, the new warehouse will benefit the total electricity and heat production in the entire metropolitan area and thus also the green transition - mainly because you can reduce the local heat production based on fossil fuels, oil, or natural gas. A total of seven energy companies will benefit from the upcoming heat storage. At the end of 2020, VEKS collaborated with Carbon Capture Cluster Copenhagen (C4) with eight other energy companies - including Copenhagen / Malmo Port - to capture CO 2 from

The heat storage alone will result in an annual CO 2 reduction of up to 15,000 tons.

At the end of 2021, VEKS has initiated the first discussions with Orsted (owner of Avedore Power Plant) about the utilization of surplus heat from a potential future PtX plant, where the supply of CO 2 comes from a straw-fired boiler. All in all, the district heating system of the future in Copen­ hagen will use large heat pumps and surplus heat from waste energy plants, data centers, CO 2 capture, and PtX factories. An exciting future where district heating will be the back- bone of modern society focuses on efficiently using our energy resources.

several large energy plants in the Copenhagen area. VEKS' in- terest in this collaboration is the possibility of utilizing surplus heat from the "CO 2 capture process" in the district heating sys- tem. The partnership provides an opportunity to catch up to 3 million tons of CO 2 annually in 2030, part of which will be biogenic CO 2 . Throughout 2021, VEKS has been in dialogue with some data centers that want to establish server hotels in the Copenha- gen area with robust electricity infrastructure. The surplus heat from these data centers - large quantities - can be utilized in the district heating system.

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