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Many loan officers have their cellphone numbers listed on their business cards, and that creates problems.When you’re closing 0–5 loans a month, using your cellphone number won’t be an issue. But as soon as you get into the higher levels of production, closing 5–25 loans a month, your activity will increase tenfold.

to give that new phone number out to anyone other than your close family and friends. I get that you may be thinking, “Well, my Realtors are my friends.” True as that may be, refrain from giving your Realtors the new number; this is crucial. Once you have your second number, forward your old cellphone number to an assistant — or several — in your office. Then, ask your assistant to answer all incoming phone calls. The beauty of this method is that many of the people calling have questions regarding appraisals, surveys, or are inquiring if the borrowers sent their documents. Most of my time is spent out in the field getting new business, and I don’t have the answers they’re looking for. That’s why it’s so crucial to have an assistant to keep track of these goings-on. So now when a client calls your old phone number, they’re directed to the office, and your assistant can attend to them while you’re out in the field generating more business. One potential hazard that comes from this method occurs when someone calls my cell and they are expecting to speak with me directly.When an office assistant answers, the caller may think, “Wait a minute — I’ve just been pawned off.” To avoid making anyone feel unimportant or neglected, you need to let your agents know what’s going on.When I put this system into place, I speak with all of my real estate agents — preferably in a face-to-face meeting — and let them know what’s happening. It’s okay to do it over the phone, but I recommend an in-person meeting. Plus, touching base from time to time can help you gain referrals. I use a script we like to call the “Radar script.” It is inspired by the character Radar from the old TV show “M.A.S.H.” who has the striking ability to predict future events. So, you meet with your client, and you introduce them to this cellphone system through the following Radar script.

The problem with working off of your cellphone at this point is that it can have an impact on your future endeavors. For example, let’s say that you’re speaking with a real estate agent and your phone rings during the meeting. Do you take that call? Do you disrespect the person who is helping you feed your family? The answer in this scenario might be no, but it’s much more intricate than that. By not answering the phone, you disrespect the person on the other line by forcing them to go to your voicemail, which is never a good thing. To make matters even more complicated, that person could be one of the real estate clients. Ignoring their call is now not only disrespectful to the caller; it is to the real estate agent in front of you, too. Another problem with using your cellphone is that your day is filled with calls that interrupt and distract you. Personally, if I’m interrupted every five minutes by a call coming in, I can never get into the zone and concentrate. Because of this, I never get anything done, and my day becomes incredibly unproductive. I’m running a multimillion-dollar business, and we help thousands of loan officers across the country. It’s impossible for me to help each of these people by myself and answer their many calls on my cellphone. It would be completely impractical. To avoid this dilemma entirely, I’ve found a method that is extremely useful: Get a second number for your cellphone.We’ve done this, and I highly recommend it. Go down to your mobile phone company and tell them, “I need a new phone number attached to my current cell number.” It’s very important never


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