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JUNE 2017


Our first core value here at AZCOMP Technologies is straightforward and powerful: We Deliver Phenomenal. For us, simply satisfactory customer interactions are nowhere close to enough. “We Deliver Phenomenal” is a value that sets the tone for every service we provide our customers. Phenomenal service comes in many forms, but what they all have in common is a desire to exceed expectations — to leave the customer feeling wowed. I recently read a book called “The Simple Truths of Service,” and it contained a story that I think demonstrates the power that phenomenal service can have on customers. It’s a story about a young man named Johnny who works as a bagger at a supermarket. Johnny’s story moved me so much that I wanted to share it with you here. The store where Johnny worked brought in a motivational speaker one day. The speaker’s goal was to inspire the employees to make raving fans out of their customers. He emphasized that every employee should put a personal touch on each interaction, creating meaningful memories with shoppers and inspiring them to return for these experiences. Johnny, who has Down syndrome, struggled to think of a way to add this personal touch, thinking of himself as “just a bagger.” Eventually, though, he came up with an idea he thought would work. He went home one night and found an inspirational quote online. With the help of his father, he printed 50 copies of his “Thought of the Day,” signing each one by hand. He began placing these thoughts in the bags of every customer that came through his line. When Johnny couldn’t find a quote that matched what he wanted to convey, he would write one himself.

About a month after Johnny began his “Thought of the Day” project, the store manager noticed that Johnny’s line was consistently three times longer than any other. Scrambling for a solution, the manager naturally opened up more registers. When the manager told customers that there were available registers, he realized that they weren’t in a hurry to check out. Instead, they were in line because they wanted to receive a “Thought of the Day” from Johnny. They were happy to wait in line, because Johnny delivered something truly phenomenal. Johnny’s ability to touch each of his customers in a meaningful, lasting way began to inspire his co-workers. Following Johnny’s lead, the store florist began offering unused corsages to young girls or elderly women. Just like Johnny’s co-workers, I was inspired by his touching story. What I think Johnny’s story illustrates is that service has to be passionate and personal if it’s going to be phenomenal. In my short time at AZCOMP, I have seen our team put their heart into taking care of our customers. The dedication our staff puts into delivering the phenomenal is not just lip service; it’s something we live out every single day. No matter the role a staff member has here, they are compelled to deliver phenomenal experiences to our customers — and do it with the same heart that Johnny put into his “Thought of the Day.” - Susan Deignan

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