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‘Hey, Alexa!’


Reminders and Lists Alexa can also help you check off items from your family’s morning to-do lists to minimize the chaos of weekday mornings. You can create reminders to pack lunches or grab homework, and then all you have to do is ask, “Alexa, what are my reminders?” She will run down the list, so you can hit the road early without the nagging feeling that you left something behind. Make It a Game “Out the Door” is an interactive Alexa game that turns getting ready for school into an adventure for younger children. Each day, kids are given a new superpower and have to defeat a different creature as they complete “missions,” which include tasks like brushing their teeth and getting dressed. It makes the process of getting ready for school exciting and gives kids an incentive to fulfill their responsibilities. If you don’t already have an Echo Dot, you can find them at most major retail stores. Make your mornings less stressful by starting with “Hey, Alexa” and going from there.

Even though parents and kids everywhere are getting close to celebrating the last day of school this year, school day mornings are difficult no matter what season it is. Do you feel like you’ve run a marathon by 9 a.m. every day? Rest assured that you’re not alone. Mornings are often the most hectic and stressful part of a parent’s daily schedule. Fortunately, there is an inexpensive and popular device that can help take some of the pressure off your morning routine and get your kids to the bus on time: Amazon’s virtual assistant, Alexa! Alarms of All Kinds You can place an Echo Dot in your kid’s room and set an alarm that wakes them up to the weather report, a standard alarm sound, or their favorite tunes. You can also program Alexa to turn on a compatible bedside lamp so they wake up to light instead of sound, which offers a more calming way to wake up. If your kid decides to catch a few more z’s and ignore their alarm, you can use some of Alexa’s other features, like Drop In and Intercom, to start a two-way conversation or send announcements to all the kids’ rooms in the house.

Don’ t Take Our Word For It

Patient Testimonial

“After attending a workshop at Gilbert Physical Therapy, I found out that physical therapy could help my left shoulder without having surgery. Jonathan, Patrick, and Erin worked with me very closely and always asked me at the start of each session if there were

“I was diagnosed with a full rotator cuff tear in my left shoulder and was considering surgery, not sure of the outcome. I also had pain and some difficulty with

any changes. They always listened to my comments and provided new ways to help any problems. I was always impressed with the one-on-one attention shown to each patient. Since my therapy, I continue to do the exercises given to me each day, and I am pain-free and have almost full range of motion with my left shoulder. I would highly recommend Gilbert for PT treatment. If I have any more problems in the future, I will be back! Thank you for caring.” –Barbara C.

full range of motion. After learning of the rotator cuff workshop at Gilbert Physical Therapy, I decided to see what outcome I could reach. Erin, Jonathan, and Pat guided me through my physical therapy to increase my mobility and strength in my shoulder and were very attentive in my therapy workout. As a result, I have increased my mobility and strength, and with continued exercise, I am able to do daily activities with less difficulty. “ –Ronald P.

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