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August 2017

AHW’s Handle Success Story SUPPORT With CRM

T here’s no single right way to use CRM software, and every organization adapts CRM to fit their needs. When a company uses it successfully, they find novel approaches to get the most out of the software, empowering employees and customers alike. One such company is AHW, which we’ve been working with for a number of years. AHW uses CRM for multiple purposes, but one of their chief focuses is on providing support to existing customers. They offer a number of different subscriptions and services that give their customers the option to choose a plan that best fits their needs. Because AHW deals with agricultural and residential clients, they need to make sure that every segment of their base is well- served. Additionally, they place receivers on equipment that communicate to towers, giving customers feedback on how the equipment is being used.

The data this support system offers is also mined for information and pushed to the marketing team. If a certain subscription is more popular than others, AHW knows about it. Areas for improvement are targeted, increasing organizational efficiency. AHW makes some of this information accessible to customers as well, meaning the benefits they get from Handle aren’t just internal. Customers can monitor vital information with little effort, and they get to see the status of any engagement with AHW. This two-tiered approach fosters adept service and ongoing relationships. Support is crucial for a business that seeks to do more than one-time business. AHW is a great example of how you can use CRM to build meaningful relationships with your customers and keep them satisfied long after an initial purchase. – Gordon Hilleque

So, how has AHW used Handle to meet these complex service needs? It starts with robust information tracking. They know which subscriptions a company has and when they expire. Their staff has extensive knowledge, which enables them to anticipate clients’ needs and provide information quickly and seamlessly. They proactively put the information they gather into the hands of those who can best use it. Furthermore, AHW integrates Handle with their phone systems to provide incoming call tickets. Before a rep even picks up a phone, they are prepared to address a customer’s questions. They can also be proactive in monitoring subscriptions, offering renewals before they expire. If a customer has support on the way, it can be located using the towers and receivers. Employees are empowered to provide great service because they are given the tools they need. Nobody is fumbling for information on calls, and customers appreciate that tremendously. | 1

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