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August 2017

AHW’s Handle Success Story SUPPORT With CRM

T here’s no single right way to use CRM software, and every organization adapts CRM to fit their needs. When a company uses it successfully, they find novel approaches to get the most out of the software, empowering employees and customers alike. One such company is AHW, which we’ve been working with for a number of years. AHW uses CRM for multiple purposes, but one of their chief focuses is on providing support to existing customers. They offer a number of different subscriptions and services that give their customers the option to choose a plan that best fits their needs. Because AHW deals with agricultural and residential clients, they need to make sure that every segment of their base is well- served. Additionally, they place receivers on equipment that communicate to towers, giving customers feedback on how the equipment is being used.

The data this support system offers is also mined for information and pushed to the marketing team. If a certain subscription is more popular than others, AHW knows about it. Areas for improvement are targeted, increasing organizational efficiency. AHW makes some of this information accessible to customers as well, meaning the benefits they get from Handle aren’t just internal. Customers can monitor vital information with little effort, and they get to see the status of any engagement with AHW. This two-tiered approach fosters adept service and ongoing relationships. Support is crucial for a business that seeks to do more than one-time business. AHW is a great example of how you can use CRM to build meaningful relationships with your customers and keep them satisfied long after an initial purchase. – Gordon Hilleque

So, how has AHW used Handle to meet these complex service needs? It starts with robust information tracking. They know which subscriptions a company has and when they expire. Their staff has extensive knowledge, which enables them to anticipate clients’ needs and provide information quickly and seamlessly. They proactively put the information they gather into the hands of those who can best use it. Furthermore, AHW integrates Handle with their phone systems to provide incoming call tickets. Before a rep even picks up a phone, they are prepared to address a customer’s questions. They can also be proactive in monitoring subscriptions, offering renewals before they expire. If a customer has support on the way, it can be located using the towers and receivers. Employees are empowered to provide great service because they are given the tools they need. Nobody is fumbling for information on calls, and customers appreciate that tremendously. | 1

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Strengthen Your LinkedIn Profile to Win New Business

LinkedIn has over 467 million members, and seemingly infinite ways to connect. But if your profile isn’t strong or engaging, you’re missing out on many opportunities to be seen and heard. Just like any social network, the goal of LinkedIn is to connect like-minded individuals. In a professional space, the ability to network with people in your industry from the comfort of your own desk is invaluable to your potential reach. Last year, LinkedIn revealed new enhancements to their publishing platform that can help ensure your work gets you noticed by the right audience. One of these new enhancements was the addition of images.

search engine. To discover the best hashtags for your content, think of words or phrases that your clients would search in Google to get more information about your topics. One of the most useful additions to LinkedIn is the creation of enhanced reader analytics. With these reports, you can see exactly who has liked and commented on your posts, what company they work for, their job title, where they live, and exactly how they found your post. To use the feature, tap “Me” and you will find real-time information on the posts you’ve shared and the articles you have written.

We’re nearing the finishing line with our discussion of the “Six Pillars of CRM Adoption.” The first four pillars have been aimed largely at aligning organizational leadership with regards to the purpose and goals of CRM implementation. Now, we need to take a hard look at how things will work on the ground level when the software reaches the hands of the sales and support people who will be using it every day. The fifth pillar is “Engagement,”and it’s crucial for CRM success. When a company hits a stumbling block during this pillar, it’s almost always the result of assumptions made on the part of leadership. As a start, you need to know where your people are at and what they need from CRM. You might think that asking them will be enough work on this front, but it never is. You have to engage with people if you want the full picture. A great way to do this is to travel with them in the field. Now, a lot of management teams do this, but only in emergency situations or to evaluate Everyone knows that an image is worth a thousand words, and LinkedIn revealed that articles including images generate 94 percent more total views. Given this, LinkedIn made it easier than ever to enhance publisher posts. All you have to do is click on the “Add Multimedia” icon and you can drag and drop images, videos, add links, and embed content inside your blog posts. Another new addition to LinkedIn is the use of hashtags. Hashtags are often misused and misunderstood, but when used correctly, they can help people discover your content. LinkedIn’s new enhancements make it necessary to get these right if you want the right people to view your content. LinkedIn has made it clear that posts including hashtags are easier to access and index inside the platform’s

In today’s business world, it’s important to have a strong online presence. With these tips, you can begin to strengthen your LinkedIn profile, and in turn, win new business. THE 6 PILLARS OF CRM ADOPTION

Pillar 5: Engagement

employees. In this case, you need to do it with the sole purpose of observing them and identifying their needs. Follow along with no agenda on a regular process. To illustrate this point, let’s look at the example of Coufal-Prater, a company that successfully adopted Handle. When they observed their team, they noticed that many sales people had trouble with making proactive calls to customers when they’re not in the buying cycle. When they saw this, they were shocked, because they had assumed it wasn’t the case. Sales people struggled to find a reason to call prospects, which was a totally unanticipated stumbling block. If the management team didn’t take the time to investigate, they never would’ve known. Successful CRM adoption must be based on knowledge. If you can’t see things from the eyes of your team, you’ll never be able to address their needs. Observing issues yourself will always be more informative than getting your information second-hand.

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At CustomerTRAX, we’re always seeking dealer feedback to help make Handle better at addressing users’ needs. One common request has been a screen that allows sales staff and management to assess deal details with minimal clicks in a systematized way. To meet this need, we are excited to announce the rollout of the new Deal Management function in Handle. Dealers spend a lot of money on marketing and advertising, but it can be difficult to differentiate which methods are bringing people in the door. With Deal Management, no matter where a lead comes from, whether

to achieve your goals. It can also be integrated with quotes and appraisals. Once you input information, you can set up automated follow- up contact based on the individual needs of a customer. After you’ve amassed information through Deal Management, you can mine it for data to recognize trends. Maybe one type of marketing is generating more business than another. As a result, you’ll know to focus your efforts in that area. Deal Management gives you the information you need in one easy-to-access place. It will increase knowledge and efficiency, and it will empower your employees to get the most out of every interaction. We look forward to putting it in your hands.

that be walk-in traffic, phone calls, or web leads, it will end up in the same place. Centralizing information makes for easy access and an end to dropped leads. You can also input the nature of a customer’s request, such as whether they are looking to trade or need a stock unit you don’t have on hand. There’s also a section for notes from salespeople or management. The next time that customer calls, all of this information will show up automatically. Deal Management also fosters collaboration by allowing you to assign tasks across departments and to specific individuals. It can be incorporated into your existing process to help move customers through your sales funnel


RITZ CRACKER Ice Cream Sandwiches

Ingredients Make the most of these last few summer weeks and wrangle the kids for this fun, easy dessert! You can even save the leftovers in the freezer for those busy back-to-school nights.

1 pint of your favorite ice cream

24 Ritz (or generic butter round) crackers

4 ounces dark chocolate pieces, melted


1. Melt chocolate pieces in a double boiler or in the microwave. Stir until smooth and drippy. 2. Arrange crackers, bottom side up, on a cookie sheet. Use fork to drizzle melted chocolate over crackers, then place them in freezer to cool quickly. 3. Remove crackers from freezer and place small ice cream scoop in the center of 12 crackers. Press remaining crackers, chocolate side down, onto the ice cream scoop. 4. Freeze at least 4 hours before serving. Wrap individual sandwiches in plastic wrap to store in freezer for up to 7 days — but they’ll never last that long. | 3

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Ritz Cracker Ice Cream Sandwiches

Smart Spoons Rescue Dinner

SMART SPOONS RESCUE DINNER Scientific InnovationHelps Provide Independence

Anupam Pathak wants to end the embarrassment the 11 million people with essential tremors or Parkinson’s disease experience when they sit down for a meal. The limited motor function associated with these conditions turns eating into a stressful ordeal, and the University of Michigan Ph.D. student took steps to remedy the problem. He founded Lift Labs, and developed a device to help individuals with tremors eat easier. Dubbed Liftware Steady, motion sensors in the computerized handle detect which direction the device is pulled and moves the utensil attachment in the opposite direction, negating shaky motion. First released in 2013, in less than a year, the popularity and success of Liftware attracted the attention of Google, who quickly acquired Lift Labs. With the additional support, Lift Labs launched a second product in December 2016 to address the needs of individuals with limited hand or arm movement. The new Liftware Level uses sensors to detect motion

“Once you start to lose the ability to function independently, there’s a huge emotional toll ... people will often just avoid going out in public.” Pathak plans for this technology to be adapted to any hand-held device, from keys to makeup brushes, and wants to help people of every ability level enjoy more independence.

in 3-D space and move a flexible joint to keep the utensil attachment at the right angle. Like its predecessor, the Level proved to be a meal saver, especially for people with Huntington’s disease or who have suffered from a spinal injury, cerebral palsy, or post-stroke deficits. Both the Liftware Steady and the Liftware Level are available at , where starter kits sell for

$195. The concept of a smart spoon may make some people scoff, but for those who use Liftware, the device means more than just keeping

their shirt clean while eating hot

soup; it renews their independence and confidence.

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