Stirling Eyecare - Fall 2019

October/November 2019

Family Changes in the Midst of Fall Traditions Cherishing Memories

As the fall rolls around every year, there are plenty of holidays and activities to look forward to. When our boys were little, we took every opportunity to celebrate fall by going on traditional hayrides and visiting pumpkin patches. It feels like only yesterday that Justin and Nathan loved trick-or-treating. Although, that isn’t completely true for Justin. We remember one year when he was dead set against trick-or-treating. But when Nathan was ready to go out in his costume to collect candy and other trick-or-treaters began showing up at our front door, Justin decided he did want to go. Since he hadn’t expressed an interest in the weeks leading up to Halloween, he didn’t have a costume! After diving through various bins, we found a Santa hat for Justin to wear. It wasn’t much, but it worked out just fine! Every Thanksgiving Day, our family heads to Dr. Higgins’ parents’ home which is over three hours east of Butler. We enjoy a traditional family Thanksgiving lunch, complete with Dr. Higgins’ mom’s wonderful cooking. Her pies are always the crowd favorite. The dessert table is filled with pumpkin, coconut cream, and lemon meringue pies, and usually homemade cheesecake too. The weekend after Thanksgiving is celebrated with Dr. Gonzalez’s family for a second Thanksgiving feast. We have a late dinner with smoked turkey followed by several games around the table played by all, including grandparents to young nieces. Here’s an update for you on our boys: Our eldest son, Justin, will be more than halfway through his first semester at Bucknell University. At the time of this writing, we just

dropped him off at college four weeks ago, and the whole thing is still surreal. Back at home, we still have Nathan, who is a junior in high school. He keeps us busy with baseball and school activities. As we all know, life moves so fast! It’s crazy to think we have a kid in college. But we love every minute of it and look forward to continuing our family traditions and being together during the holidays.

–Dr. Claudia Gonzalez and Dr. Michael Higgins • 1

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