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Opening Hours

Pool : 6:00am – 8:00pm

Gym : 6:00am – 9:00pm

Spa : 10:00am – 9:00pm

Book and enjoy every moment

Tel +974 4009 9700

Email: spa.alwadihotel@accor.com

Website: alwadihoteldoha.com



At M|SPA, we know that wellbeing is a complete experience focused on self-

care. We inspire you to nourish the mind, body, and soul so you can become

the most authentic version of yourself. The heritage of Msheireb inspires; the

"Heart of Doha" and M|SPA treatments combine traditional Arabic oils and

healing therapies with modern techniques. The result is a genuine, luxury

experience of locally inspired aromatic herbs and fragrances in an oasis of

calm and serenity. At M|SPA, we help nourish your soul and empower a

balanced lifestyle by providing you with the best functional areas.


With a luxury living experience for our guests in mind, all beauty product

partners have invested in developing unique rituals that combine efficiency

and personalized approach treatments to create a sense of well-being that

nurtures both mind and body. Each brand selected demands quality and

result-driven treatments, which are personalized to suit the needs of our valued

guests. Environmental sustainability is considered whenever and wherever

possible, reflecting our social responsibility approach.


Regular healing therapies enhance your mood, calm your skin, and soothe your body and mind.

Make wellbeing part of your lifestyle with a Spa Membership.

M|SPA has developed a fully integrated membership offer bringing together a combination of spa,

wellness, beauty, and lifestyle. A new lifestyle is just a membership away.

As a valued member, you will enjoy the following benefits:

Access to our fitness centre.

Use of outdoor swimming pool.

• Special rates on spa treatments and choose from a wide range of exclusive luxury

skincare products.

• Use of our M|SPA steam room, sauna, shower amenities and towels

• Enjoy special rates on personal training, along with complimentary group exercise classes.

Advanced booking is requested.

Alwadi Hotel Doha is conveniently located in Msheireb Downtown Doha with plenty of parking lots

and a wide array of dine-in outlets.

Special Corporate Membership rates are also available.

MFIT fitness centre is open daily from 6:00 AM until 10:00 PM and is located on the third level.


Exercise is a vital component to daily life, especially for travellers on the go, who desire

high quality, well-equipped, advanced fitness facilities. Our dedicated wellness fitness

professionals are available on demand to personalize your sessions and meet your fitness

goals using the latest Technogym equipment.

We are here to support you in every step.


Steam Room Wellness

Maintained at 42-45ºC, this humid, aromatic heat experience is highly beneficial for those

who suffer from asthma and bronchitis, as it opens up the breathing passages and

alleviates congestion. We recommend that a session last 10-15 minutes and that you keep

your body well hydrated afterwards. Humid heat is especially beneficial before or after a

massage treatment to increase circulation.

Sauna Wellness

Maintained between 80-85ºC, this dry heat soothes and warms the muscles, relieving

tension from your body and minimising joint pain. This is especially beneficial for those who

suffer from illnesses such as arthritis, painful migraines, and headaches, or as a way of

warming the body after an intense workout or treating the common cold. Dry heat is recom-

mended for 10-15 minutes daily and it is important to ensure that your body is kept well

hydrated afterwards.

Sauna and Steam Room

| 30 minutes


Sensorial Showers

Have a unique variety of multi temperature; water sequences, combined with soothing

warm and cold jets to relax the body.



Wet areas, complete with separate Ladies and Men sauna and steam room

Outdoor swimming pool I Relaxation area I Sensorial showers I Locker area.




Body Treatments

M|SPA Saffron Journey

| 120 minutes

QAR 1500

Back to Life

| 60 minutes

QAR 700

Relax and unwind with our memorable experience, including a saffron footbath followed by

and shoulder area, this rejuvenating back massage with a relaxing

Targeting the back, neck,

luxurious body exfoliation, which aims to increase circulation and promote a healthy immune

essential oil blend alleviates stress and deep muscle tension. Experience this treatment followed with

system. Followed by a Detox Saffron clay wrap and a soothing Arabic Massage oil blend.

a soothing & healing scrub, leaving you relieved and re-energized.

Complete this escape with an Intense Hydrating Facial and hair serum to help rejuvenate your

skin, ending off with a cleansing & refreshing M|SPA Saffron Tea to complete your experience.

Slimming Cocoon

| 75minutes

QAR 1200

Slimming treatment to reduce the appearance of all types of cellulite. Precisely tailored for you, this

treatment starts by an incredible slimming peeling/wrap to smooth the skin improve toxin elimination,

promote lymph flow and ultimately smooth the skins appearance. To enhance the slimming sequence you

ended off with a Purifying and Cleansing Super Detox Health Drink.

Silk Cocoon

| 75minutes

QAR 750

This luxurious and relaxing treatment starts with a body wrap that restores minerals to the body and skin,

leaving skin smooth, supple, and glowing and the mind soothed and refreshed. The whole body is

exfoliated and detoxified with organic scrub and profoundly relaxing essential oils. Your journey will finish

with a soft candle massage.



Great facial treatment for all skin types. It is not only highly effective at improving overall skin

Thai Herbal Massage

| 60 minutes / 90 minutes

QAR 700 / 950

health, but also excellent for remedying your skin problems.

and shoulder area, this rejuvenating back massage with a relaxing

Targeting the back, neck,

Champaign Facial

| 90 minutes / 45 minutes

QAR 850 / 550

essential oil blend alleviates stress and deep muscle tension. Experience this treatment followed with

a soothing & healing scrub, leaving you relieved and re-energized.

This powerful yet gentle treatment is suitable for sensitive skins and rosacea. The luxurious

Foaming Enzyme Masque system contains potent yet soothing bioactive, clinical-grade

ingredients, including papaya and pineapple enzymes and glycolic acid that gently but

Orange Massage

| 60 minutes / 90 minutes

QAR 700 / 950

effectively exfoliate and deep-cleanse the pores to help the skin look brighter. Tighter, and

The use of orange massage is primarily in the healing properties of essential oil, which falls on your skin

less congested.

directly from the fruit during the procedure. It is used in many cosmetic products to improve skin

conditions. It effectively fights rashes and scars. In addition, heat reduces joint pain and gives a burst of

Fire and Ice

| 90 minutes / 45 minutes

QAR 750 / 450


To restore moisture, brighten, refresh and calm the skin.

Bamboo Massage

| 60 minutes / 90 minutes

QAR 700 / 950

Known as Red Carpet/Hollywood Facial, the Fire and Ice is a famous facial intensive

treatment, clinically formulated with the purest pharmaceutical grade ingredient and is

The plant bamboo has been used in therapeutic methods for hundreds of years in South-East Asian

designed to rapidly and safely resurface the skin, reduce the fine lines, and address a

countries. The people there believe that it symbolizes life and prosperity. Bamboo massage has many

complex issues problems skin and encourage cellular renewal. A must-do treatment for an

benefits, including stimulation of blood circulation, better sleep patterns, and a smoother respiratory

ideal skin before a special occasion.

system. This particular type of massage helps to calm and soothe the racing mind.

Mother & Daughter

| 60 minutes / 90 minutes

QAR 900 / 1200

With Mother With Mother and Daughter Pamper Day, you can celebrate that special bond with a

wonderfully relaxing experience amid the most luxurious surroundings. This superb package is as life-

enriching as it is decadent.


Body Massage

Enjoy a moment of tranquility and allow your therapist to assist you in choosing from our therapeutic

massage techniques.

Travelers Ease Massage

| 90 minutes

QAR 850

Your journey begins with an oriental spice Foot ritual easing tired aching feet, followed by an ultimate

back, head, hand & foot massage with oriental spice massage oil. This combination assists with easing

tight muscles, improving mobility, and harmonizing the mind, for a restful sleep.

Mindfulness Stone Therapy

| 60 minutes / 90 minutes

QAR 700 / 950

Heat from smooth Asian stones gently placed on pressure point areas of your body provides intense

relaxation by releasing your tensions with combination of Swedish massage techniques together with a

therapeutic, luxurious Arabic blended massage oil.

Soul revival Massage

| 60 minutes

QAR 600

Massage moment in time to remember, your choice of expertly blended sense of Calm, Purity, or

Happiness aromatherapy body oils. These specifically blended ancient essential oils enlighten your

Mind, Body & Spirit. Massage techniques are used to help relax the mind and body.

Sense of Balance Massage

| 60 minutes / 90 minutes

QAR 650 / 900

Deep massage instantly soothe sore, inflamed muscles with our comforting mix of oils of your choice.

Deeply rich and warming, glide onto the skin to alleviate tension in the muscles and restore


Mama - To – Be

| 60 minutes

QAR 650

A healthy way to lower anxiety, decrease leg & back pain, improve sleep, reduce stress and minimize

swelling. Specific massage for you with our soothing and nourishing pregnancy oil blend. Your

treatment is adapted for each step of your precious journey.

Foot Ease Massage

| 60 minutes

QAR 600

Go beyond the ordinary foot rub, to the core of your well-being. Foot ritual incorporating different types

of oils ,foot soak & scrub followed by precision pressure point foot & leg massage with smooth heated

stones and uplifting massage oil.

Hawaiian Lomé Lomé

| 60 minutes / 90 minutes

QAR 700 / 950

It's a magnificent full body and face massage inspired by the Hawaiian shamanic tradition – amassage

from the islands, lulled by the swell of an endless ocean and alive like boiling lava escaping from

volcanoes. It relaxes and invigorates, purifies and nourishes – a ritual of renewal.

Candle Massage

| 60 minutes / 90 minutes

QAR 700 / 950

Candle Massage is hugely relaxing and will awake all your senses. Relax and calm your mind in a

warm environment softly lit by the flame of the candles. The soothing aroma of the candles will take

you on a journey of senses.


Couples massage experience: A selection of treatments to suit your needs of the day. If you want

to impress that certain someone, we can assist.

Perfect Pair

| 60 minutes

QAR 1200

Let the pressure of everyday life melt away as you both enjoy an aromatherapy body massage

with our specialized couples massage oil blend to deeply relax the mind and body, enticing

the senses and loosen aching muscles in our luxurious comfy couple’s suite.

Special Packages

Girl’s DayOut

| 4 hours / 5 pax

QAR 7000

Enjoy your day with us and benefit from the below

• Five 60 minutes massage for you and your friends • Free usage of pool, steam room & sauna • Selection of canapés and sweets • Balloons/ decoration for celebrations • Mocktails or signature drinks

Girl’s DayOut

| 5 hours / 5 pax

QAR 8500

• Five 90 minutes facial treatments for you and your friends • Free usage of pool, steam room & sauna • Selection of canapés and sweets • Balloons/ decoration for celebrations • Mocktails or signature drinks

Additional Time

To upgrade any of our present treatments with additional time, the below mini treatments will

suit your needs, ensuring complete relaxation and rejuvenation.

Choose from a variety of 30 minute mini treatments including:

Head and Scalp Massage

| 30 minutes


Foot Massage

| 30 minutes


Hand Massage

| 30 minutes


Body Wrap

| 30 minutes


Body Scrubs

| 30 minutes


Backand ShouldersMassage

| 30 minutes


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