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MARCH 2019

community, their insurance premiums might increase. When you combine financial worries, the stress of seeking treatment, physical pain, and the anxiety of being unable to work, the situation becomes far more complex. While it has serious repercussions for the patient in question, an injury has reverberating effects on the patient’s family members as well. Between helping them around the house, driving them to appointments, and working extra hours to pay bills, the burden of an injury can fall just as much on a spouse or family member as it does on the patient. An injury can also have serious ramifications for the community. If a patient resides in an underserved city, not only is it difficult for him or her find a provider, but the lack of care options actually weighs on the providers who do take on personal injury cases. If they're the only ones serving the community this way, they are unable to spend as much individual time with other patients, trying simply to keep up with the numbers. Whether patients, families, providers, or the community at large, when it comes to an injury, everyone is interwoven in a tapestry of experience and consequence. Because we have experience working with patients after they’ve suffered an accident, our team understands the physical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual trauma that cause reverberating effects, even long after an injury happens. Sometimes the first step toward recovery is knowing there's someone out there who understands your pain and anxiety. Our team at Louisville Sports & Injury Center is here to help.

The Ripple Effect of an Injury A Patient, Their Family, and the Community

Let’s say you're driving down the road on your commute to work. It’s a normal Monday morning on your regular route; the only difference is that there’s a little bit of snow and ice on the pavement. As you slow for the stoplight, you notice another car hitting hard on the brakes, skidding and fishtailing, ultimately colliding with three other cars. Everyone involved in the accident appears to be fine, but the cars are certainly worse for wear. If you've driven through the city on a regular basis, you’ve likely witnessed fender benders like this. When accidents happen, you might assume the only people affected are the injured drivers

— that they will see a medical provider, receive treatment, get back behind the wheel, and go about their lives. While this perspective makes sense, it merely scratches the surface of the expanding consequences an injury can have on a person, their family, and even their community. Like a stone tossed in a still pond, injuries have a ripple effect. For starters, after being involved in an accident, a patient has to find a medical provider in their insurance network. I hear stories all the time from my own patients about being turned away by providers who won’t take on personal injury cases. Then, depending on the economic situation in their

–Dr. Trace Kelly

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