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Drought alert from SNC


Nation watershed sources. Municipalities may impose mandatory water restrictions if they deem it necessary. Residents are advised to call their local municipal office for information on any water use restrictions. Environment Canada weather forecasts for the region do not predict any “significant amounts” of rainfall during the last days of summer and indicate that from Septem- ber to October, the Eastern Ontario region may experience above-normal temperatures along with just the normal amount of rainfall for the period. For now, residents are urged to avoid Cobbs Lake Creek in Bourget, a tributary of the South Nation River is lush with rushes but not a lot of water along some sections

any unnecessary use of water and try to cut their water use in half.That includes unne- cessary washing of cars or trucks or hosing down outside windows of home and busi- nesses. Limit watering lawns and gardens to either the earlymorning or the late evening periods, when the ground is able to absorb almost all the water, and then limit watering to an hour at most. Do not run sprinklers during the middle of the day, especially on sunny days, as much of the water will eva- porate first before it can be absorbed. Indoors avoid running taps at full flow when washing dishes. Take quick showers or allow just a couple inches of water in the bathtub for bathing. When using the shower, turn the water on when ready to rinse, do not leave it running while soaping down.

Still not enough rain for the summer in Eas- tern Ontario. That has forced the regional conservation office to declare a drought condition alert for two areas in the South Nation River watershed region. The SouthNation Conservation Authority (SNC) has classed two sub-watershed areas of the South Nation River watershed as now under level III (severe) drought conditions. The change in classification became official on Aug. 31. The areas involved are the Bearbrook Creek and Upper South Nation River sub- watersheds. Both were part of the level II drought conditions classification listing of the SNC on July 8. But streamflow in both sub-watersheds have declined further since then and are now at 30 per cent of their normal summertime flow. “More water restrictions we’re recom- mending,” said Golam Sharif, SNC water resources technician, regarding the impact of a level III drought condition. The Bearbrook sub-watershed includes parts of Clarence-Rockland, including the villages of Bourget, Cheney, andHammond, and extends westwards into the City of Ot- tawa’s eastern rural sector, including the villages of Navan, Sarsfield, and Carlsbad Springs. A part of the sub-watershed extends south into Russell Township andThe Nation Municiplaity and includes the Village of Limoges. The Upper South Nation sub-wa- tershed covers parts of North and South Dundas townships in Dundas County, and includes the villages of Spencerville, Moun- tain, South Mountain, and Inkerville. The rest of the South Nation watershed remains at level II drought conditions with stream flows for creeks and other water courses at 50 per cent of their normal sum- mer flows. Golamnoted that if a significant amount of rainfall does occur before the start of fall, then other sub-watersheds could be downgraded to level III status. Low water levels impact fish habitats, may affect some crop yields, and interfere with the present and future health of new- ly-planted tree seedlings. SNC continues to urge residents throughout the watershed to accept voluntary limitations on their water use, to avoid drawing toomuch water, both surface and underground, from the South

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