Fore Court September 2018

September 2018

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Volleying Into Our 45th Season of Indoor Tennis

use these great resources to strengthen and enhance their game. Though the sport of tennis hasn’t changed much, the equipment and materials have improved with technology. Even with these changes, we’ve found that the style of play that exists today is the same one that was mastered by instructors in the ‘70s and ‘80s. Some equipment may be updated and new materials exist, but the game of tennis is still, at its core, bouncing a ball and hitting it. The crucial part is hand-eye coordination, and our tennis coaches are pros at teaching it. That early legacy continues with each generation. We have members who started with my father in 1970 and are still members today. I’m now starting to see the third generation of players coming in. Just the other day, one of our longtime members who played here as a kid brought in his 3-year-old to start lessons. It makes me feel old! It’s great to see that, for many people, tennis is more than their favorite sport — it’s a lifelong activity they will share with generations to come. For many of our members, it’s not just the game that brings them back season after season. It’s the friendships they build here. Many members participate in 90 minutes

One of our members recently asked me how long I’ve been at Fore Court. “45 years,” I told them. “Wow, you look so young!” they said. Of course, in those early days, I was just a kid pushing the broom. When my father first built the club 45 years ago, my siblings and I were kids, and he would bring us in to sweep the lobby. We loved the experience! The 65,000-square- foot building was our childhood playground. We’d draw on the courts before they were finished and watched as the paving company laid asphalt. We witnessed the whole club develop.

of intense game play then relax with a beer or glass of wine in our lounge area with their teammates. It’s an opportunity to unwind, socialize off the court, and enjoy some great conversations with friends. One member told us he’s met some of his best friends at the club. Our eldest member, who is 96, still gets on the court with her friends for an hour and a half of game play. They also go bowling and play cards together, all thanks to the friendship they’ve developed at Fore Court. It’s all part of the experience here. We’re glad to be a part of that. Cheers to 45 years! -Dave Morin

Since those days, Fore Court has evolved considerably. We resurfaced our indoor courts, giving your game an added boost on a fresh new surface. In addition to tennis and coaching from professionals, we have group exercise classes, a huge fitness center, and even an obstacle course! It’s amazing to see our members

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