Blue Diamond Almond Facts July-August 2022


Meet Blue Diamond ’s 2022 Summer Interns! This summer, Blue Diamond has 13 college interns participating in a 12-week internship. Blue Diamond ’s Intern Program provides a unique development experience through meaningful, project-based work, cohort group meetings, development sessions, team building events, field and site tours, and regular coaching.

We are proud to share that each year several interns are hired on as full-time Blue Diamond employees upon completion of their internship.

The 2022 interns are involved in Manufacturing, Engineering, Marketing, Operations, Maintenance, Process Improvement, IT, Public Affairs, and Supply Chain. They will absorb valuable insight into the almond industry while learning new marketable skills and developing key relationships within their teams.

We are pleased to have the following interns in our program this summer: Alex Ochoa , University of California, Merced - Engineering Intern (Turlock) Kevin Aghassi Lelham ,

Justin Roaquin , San Francisco State University - IT Intern (Sacramento) Isaiah Johnson , University of California, Merced - Operations Intern (Turlock) Michael Chiu , UC Berkeley/UCLA - Process Improvement Intern (Sacramento) Marissa Goldston , Sacramento State University - Process Improvement Intern (Sacramento)

Jasmine Dawson , California State University, Chico - Product Marketing Intern (Sacramento) Micaela Angela Esguerra , Sacramento State University - Product Marketing Intern (Sacramento) Nour Taha , UC Davis - Public Affairs Intern (Sacramento) Jared McClellan , Brigham Young University - Supply Chain Intern (Sacramento)

University of California, Merced - Engineering Intern (Turlock/Salida) Cameron Dhanowa , University of Pacific, Stockton - Manufacturing Processing Intern (Sacramento) not pictured Freshta Malikzada , UC Davis - Maintenance Intern (Sacramento) Chris Coats , UC Davis - Maintenance Intern (Sacramento)



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