Blue Diamond Almond Facts July-August 2022


25 Students Awarded Blue Diamond Growers Foundation Scholarship

To ensure the success of agriculture in the years to come, it will demand the dedication and hard work of the next generation. The Blue Diamond Growers Foundation selected 25 young people to receive a scholarship for the 2022–2023 academic year. The Foundation assists students who are passionate about making a difference in their communities and influencing the future of agriculture. Meet this year’s Blue Diamond Growers Foundation scholarship recipients and read excerpts from each of their essays where they described their goals for the future.

Vanessa Anaya (Winters, CA) Fall 2022 School: Cal Poly SLO Major: Biochemistry Iʼm highly interested in pursuing medicine, specifically surgery. Growing up, I witnessed a distinct lack of representation in medicine for people who looked like me. As the first Mexican surgeon in my

plan to use my hands, mind, and heart to make a difference in our world. I will contribute to an industry that feeds our society. I have learned skills in promotion, communication, and innovation. I plan to use these skills to incorporate new ways to market and grow all sectors of agriculture.

Mia Brown (Modesto, CA) Fall 2022 School: Cal Poly SLO, UC Davis or CSU Chico Major: Horticulture My goal is to become a professor in Horticulture and Plant Sciences. After I graduate, I plan to work in the industry to gain more practice and hands on

community, Iʼll have the opportunity to save lives and show others from similar backgrounds that there is a place for them in whichever path they choose. However, my journey throughout Ag Education, FFA Regional Office, and my involvement in Career Development Events have shown me how vital agriculture is. Although I am pursuing a role in medicine, I hope to continue to use the knowledge I've gained as an FFA member to serve as a mentor for future agriculturists. In the future, I plan to assist FFA programs coach teams and partner with California FFA in leading conferences that focus on agricultural advocacy.

experience before pursuing a PhD. I would like to focus on research, outreach, and teaching. I am very passionate about teaching my community and society about agriculture and where our food comes from. I also want to focus on making ag education accessible to more students. I am a special education student, I have autism, ADHD and dyslexia. My involvement in ag education built my confidence, expanded my knowledge, and allowed me to find my passions and dreams.

Jenna Bates (Livingston, CA) Fall 2022 School: Cal Poly SLO Major: Ag Systems Management I plan to join an agriculture establishment that allows me to help increase their production, market products for them, or create new technological systems. My participation in the FFA and agricultural

education has introduced me to food production and safety, livestock production, and communications and marketing. I



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