Blue Diamond Almond Facts July-August 2022

Joseph Carlos (Orland, CA) Fall 2022 School: UC Davis Major: Ag Education My long-term goal is to own and manage a family farm independently. Until then, I would like to acquire more experience in the agricultural world. It is for this reason that I am choosing

that can help future generations. This can benefit society by ensuring quality products while not compromising the continual use of land for many years to come. They (PCA’s) advise farmers on modern practices when it comes to spraying and fertilizing and help ensure that the farmer gets good yields while maintaining quality.

Morgan Dennis (Maxwell, CA) Fall 2022 School: Oklahoma State University Major: Agribusiness

to study management and agriculture classes. I would like to learn how to farm and harvest more efficiently. I would also like to develop a more efficient form of communication that helps the farming communities. I plan to share it (my knowledge) with those around me because I believe that the future of agriculture lies in helping each other grow and sharing beneficial information. The agricultural community thrives on unity instead of competition. While friendly competition is still a great way to speed up growth and provide inspiration.

I am in my second semester at Oklahoma State University and

involved in the Freshmen in Transition (FIT) program, the Ferguson College of Agricultureʼs Living Learning Program.

I have been offered an internship with the Vann Brothers working at their almond huller. I also plan on applying to obtain an internship with HDR, a consultant for the site’s Reservoir Project. I plan to obtain a job in agriculture using my new knowledge to feed into society physically and mentally. From food to clothing I hope to be able to assist the agricultural community with providing for the world.

Princesa Ceballos (Porterville, CA) Fall 2022 School: Cal Poly SLO Major: Plant & Soil Science I chose my major because of my participation with the FFA. I hope to concentrate on plant protection in hopes of gaining hands-on experience to obtain a job as a Pest Control

Holly Doherty (Dunnigan, CA) Fall 2022 School: Cal Poly SLO Major: Agribusiness I grew up in a family that farms rice, almonds, walnuts, and raises registered Black Angus Cattle. Our almonds are sold to Blue Diamond . I have grown more interested in the business side

Advisor in the San Joaquin Valley. I will be able to develop sustainable solutions necessary for the continued advancement of technology, irrigation, and cultivation. As a Pest Control Advisor, I will ensure the safe and healthy harvest of crops to allow for the safe consumption of produce. Along with developing sustainable agricultural methods that will reduce water usage and increase crop yield.

of the farm, and when I entered high school, I joined the FFA program. I started my own business, Bird Creek Beef, where I market and sell the meat from our small cattle operation. Since growing up in agriculture I decided that getting a degree in Agriculture Business would be the wisest option for me. Upon graduation I plan to return to my familyʼs farm by using the marketing and business skills I gained. Not only will I be able to help the farm with smart business decisions, I also will use my experience and knowledge to educate the community about farm to fork food.

Andrew Copeland (Oakdale, CA) Fall 2022 School: Stanislaus State University Major: Plant & Soil Science I would like to become a Pest Control

Advisor (PCA) after graduating. I have a background and experience in almonds and would like to continue working with them by either farming or consulting. I can help others use sustainable practices



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