Blue Diamond Almond Facts July-August 2022


Delainee Fernandes (Tulare, CA) Fall 2022 School: Cal Poly SLO Major: Agribusiness Agriculture has advanced far beyond working the soil and caring for animals, it has evolved into varying businesses requiring detailed and precise measures. The businesses

Joshua Hack (Turlock, CA) Fall 2022 School: Modesto Jr College Major: Agribusiness I am a student at Modesto Junior College where I am double majoring in Ag Business and Mathematics. I will be obtaining my A.S. in Ag Business this summer and my A.S. in Math in

consist of but are not limited to marketing, advancing technology, environmental sustainability, processing, management, and production. I chose Agricultural Business to combine my love for mathematics and passion for agriculture. After college, I intend to return to my hometown to work as an agricultural accountant for a bank or business and aspire to manage and operate a farm of my own.

the spring of 2024. After I complete my A.S. degrees I plan to transfer to Cal Poly SLO to major in Bio Resource and Ag Engineering. With my degree I hope to work in the irrigation industry, either designing irrigation systems for farmers to optimize their individual situation or work towards a more sustainable water system to help farmers maximize their allotted water and have enough water to grow their crops. I want to work to be part of the solution to the water crisis in California so that the farmers have enough water to effectively grow their crops.

Frank Fernandes (Tulare, CA) Fall 2022 School: Cal Poly SLO Major: Ag Systems Management

Farnaz Haghighat (Folsom, CA) Fall 2022 School: UC Davis Major: Psychology With psychology as my desired degree, I can make a profound impact within California’s society, with a special focus on our agricultural department. I can propel American

Having grown up learning from my dad on our family farm, I know I will enjoy making a career out of it. I am majoring in agriculture systems management and possibly minoring in

agriculture business. This will help me in accomplishing my goal of coming back to manage the farm someday. I hope to apply the knowledge I received in college to the farm by applying better practices for water consumption from crops and using new technologies to increase productivity or quality. I hope to figure out ways to use water more efficiently and save water and money. Farming is also an important job as it supplies food for everyone, so finding cheaper and more efficient practices benefits everyone.

agriculture through research which can include how to obtain, retain, and maintain workers towards our agricultural department. Initiating practices that attract workers to our field allows for diversity in our work environment. Our mental health is equally as important as our physical health, and with California’s vast agricultural program, our employees work in varying degrees and in various specifications. Through therapy, we would be promoting a positive and equitable work environment for all workers.



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