Blue Diamond Almond Facts July-August 2022


TJ Rohwer (Chico, CA) Fall 2022 School: Oregon State University Honors College Major: Bioengineering & Mechanical Engineering I have always found great pleasure working with my hands, and constructing functional mechanisms, but have always been similarly

companies and growers. My coursework will provide me with all the materials I need to develop expertise in crop management, including crop physiology and life cycles, the role of soil, water, nutrient and pest management on crop quality, yield, sustainability, and profitability, as well as relevant laws and regulations.

Morgan Oliveira (Hilmar, CA) Fall 2022 School: Modesto Jr. College Major: Ag Communications As a future agriculture educator, I know I hold a truly important task, inspiring the future generation to be a part of the agricultural industry. My goal is to continue my current mission as a

fascinated with the workings of biological systems and living organisms. The double major program allows me to pursue work in the field of mechanical engineering with a focus on agricultural robotics technologies. An example is the Mummy Assassin, a robot developed by InsightTrac Robotic Mummy Removal. From there I can grow my skill set to include more human assistance-oriented robotics. From an agricultural perspective, these technologies and devices will help the industry remain competitive for years to come. I’m aiming to return to Sacramento Valley to continue helping out on the family farm.

leader within the FFA organization: helping members create their own passion for agriculture. I plan on earning my associate degree in Agribusiness before attending Cal Poly San Luis Obispo to earn a master’s degree in Agriculture Communications and a teaching credential. My future education will not only help me to serve the agriculture community in terms of advocating for it, but also helping others advocate for it.

Mallory Sutherland (Bakersfield, CA) Fall 2022 School: CSU Fresno Major: Agribusiness Agricultural education and the Future Farmers of America organization is what sparked my interest in serving others as a leader. With this degree, my investment and role in the future

Hailey Pasley (Chowchilla, CA) Fall 2022 School: Abilene Christian University Major: Bio-Environmental Science While participating in the Stanford Medical Youth Science Program, I completed an in-depth research project on a public health issue. My topic revolved around the impacts of

of agriculture, my desire is to become an advocate for the agriculture industry. As an advocate, I can give insight to those who have been misinformed regarding agricultural topics. When the globe begins to recognize the relevance of agriculture in their own lives, communities will start to work together to feed the rapidly growing population. Creating a world that is agriculturally literate and works together as one is making my community a better place at this very moment.

different pesticide applications on rural communities. As a public health professional, I intend to spotlight the issues that those working in agriculture face and the importance of investing in and protecting agriculture in our Valley. By drawing attention to the challenges that we are facing as an agricultural community, I can work to improve the future of agriculture, which benefits society since we all rely on agriculture every single day.



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