Blue Diamond Almond Facts July-August 2022

Stephanie Temnyk (Turlock, CA) Fall 2022 School: Arizona State University Major: Molecular Biosciences and Biotechnology I am on track to begin my master's in Fall 2022 (concurrently with my bachelorʼs) and my PhD in Fall 2024. I have already experienced the scientific process in joining a lab team

with laboratory instruction, leadership development, and provide hands-on learning. I believe there has never been a more important time than now to teach our youth to understand how agriculture and natural resources impact our lives through the quality and abundance of our food supply.

Blaine Wilson (Woodland, CA) Fall 2022 School: Cal Poly SLO or UC Davis Major: Ag Systems Management My career interests include working in plant breeding or in the seed development industries. My hope, when finished with school, is to put my knowledge and connections to use

researching the effects of light duration (photoperiod) on indoor vertical strawberry gardening. The implications from this research pave the path for higher yields, lower costs, and improved fruit quality. Overall, my efforts serve to better understand the science of plant varieties, unlocking the mechanisms of poorly understood genes and tracing their evolutionary history. The research I perform can help me to one day boost horticultural yields for farmers and broaden plant nutritional profiles for undernourished communities.

in the agricultural industry in California. To impact the efficiency of land use or help create disease-resistant seed varieties or even influence how and where plants will be grown will only benefit and support our farmers and our consumers.

Carson Vanella (Chico, CA) Fall 2022 School: Utah State University Major: Agribusiness Management I hope to manage my family's almond and walnut farm in northern California. I am very interested in Farm and Ranch Management. This particular major perfectly aligns with my goals. I am

If you wish to donate to the Blue Diamond Growers Foundation to support next year’s students, please make checks payable to “ Blue Diamond Growers Foundation” and send to: Attn: Finance Dept. Blue Diamond Growers 1802 C Street Sacramento, CA 95811 Thank you for your contributions and support!

also very interested in Agribusiness. I think that studying Agribusiness will allow me to help the farm grow further. Not only that but the flow of crops and money will benefit the economy and, in turn, society. With the knowledge I will learn from both areas of study, I will surely be able to help my family’s farm grow and improve.

Erin Vierra (Los Banos, CA) Fall 2022 School: Oklahoma State University Major: Ag Education Once I receive my bachelor’s degree, I plan to move back to California to obtain my teaching credential. As an ag teacher I will be able to contribute to our next generation by

reiterating the importance of where our food and fiber come from, preserving and preparing future generations in agriculture. I plan to innovate through the classroom



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