Blue Diamond Almond Facts July-August 2022

Seeds for Bees encourages the use of cover crops to increase the density, diversity, and duration of bee forage in California orchards, farms, and vineyards, while improving soil health. First year Seeds for Bees enrollees are eligible for a $2,500 discount off their total seed purchase. Second year enrollees are eligible for a $1,500 discount off their total seed purchase. If you want to learn more about Seeds for Bees and planting cover crops in your orchards, check out our *NEW* Quick-Guide where you can access resources, enrollment information, and technical guidance, at:, or visit

Remember, the deadline to enroll in Seeds for Bees is August 31, 2022, so act fast!

We have already awarded ~7500 acres, half of our goal

~13k acres applied for out of 15k acre goal already

Rory Crowley, Director of Habitat

Programs, Project Apis m.




with no decrease in harvest speed 75% DUST REDUCTION

INDEPENDENT FLOATING HEAD provides improved ground contact picking up less dirt *Ask us about the XLT Head option

optional throughout the machine TWIN ROD CHAIN

30%MORE CLEANING on the primary chain than competitors

To see our complete line of harvesters, sweepers, conditioners & orchard cabs, please scan or call 209.544.8600 Built by farmers for farmers…we understand!



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