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… Code of Conduct for Owners

understanding of a project or policy.

have offered their assistance in managing the corporation. That isn’t always easy for some. New directors can share strengths, which may be different from past directors. They can also be very effective. New isn’t bad! The objective of a board is to benefit and advance the corporation in every way they can and for the benefit of all. It is not without some logic that former directors may be called upon to offer an opinion by a new board to offer some historical perspective or background that may benefit the board in their deliberations. History can be constructive to new members of the board at times. The changes in the Condominium Act, 1998 will continue. Directors coming on board for the first time will bring new attitudes and perspectives that can be helpful to the future of our investments. “You never know when a moment and a few sincere words can have an impact on a life” – Zig Ziglar Proficient and respectful communication and language for in-person conversation or script for letter communication on any issue that might otherwise be contentious is significant. Properly worded in the framework of mutual respect, trust, safety and well- being in the relationships within the community is vital. It can be significant for boards to have master letters that subscribe to respectful and helpful communication in the community where the matter at hand can be articulated within the wording.

Many boards have elected to comply with a Code of Ethics as developed by CCI and respected by corporation owners. How can everyone share in the corporation’s vison? A first step to being a good owner and director is the careful review of the governing documents. It is important for everyone to know and understand that there are rules and regulations, standards and responsibilities. The old adage of “ buy a condominium and you don’t have to do anything” was a myth and is still an active one. The governing documents will give everyone equal insight as to their responsibilities and standing as a shareholder. Under certain conditions, changes to the corporation’s governing documents can occur. The appropriate legal counsel must be included in the process as there is legislation that needs to be included with every decision. Owners who volunteer to serve the community as directors are to be commended. As in business, there is much to learn and comply with. It is not a position without some peril. Directors in board-managed corporations are more exposed to clashes with owners as they are on the front line. This can make “being neighbourly” more difficult. It is important that owners understand that directors should be able to enjoy their homes in the same manner as they do. Everyone should respect and follow the defined channels of communication to report to the board. Decisions are made by the majority of the board at Board Meetings and not by any individual director who is out enjoying the property. This should be abundantly clear and adhered to. It is not so different where the corporation has professional management, however, the manager is more often on the receiving end of those clashes and conceivably better equipped to conduct such difficult exchanges in a manner that doesn’t create conflict among neighbours. We all aspire to harmony where we live and we all have to work together towards just that. Once directors complete their term of office (usually a 3-year term), they have earned a break and should be happy to hand over the reigns to new directors who

“What a Wonderful World” – by Louis Armstrong

This song reminds us that good things can happen even though the sound bites don’t always reflect that. Look for and discover those good things in your community to appreciate and learn what we seek – goodwill and harmony. A condominium community is a team effort – owners and residents, directors, condominium manager and the folks who provide goods and services are all part of an awesome team. The conduct of everyone involved will distinguish your community as one to be proud of. Each of us can make a positive impact on another’s day by being kind and bringing sunshine into other lives. — TK

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