Annual Report 2019


Voice of Our Stakeholders

Overall, members are proud of their profession (85%) and are satisfied with APEGA (63%). However, knowledge about APEGA and our processes, as well as members’ regulatory obligations, are lower than we would like. From the members’ perspective, the top two areas they would like APEGA to improve on are “helping

Brand awareness is important to all organizations—APEGA is no different. It’s important our stakeholders understand who we are, what we do, and why we do it. This need emerged as a top priority during our strategic planning cycle.

“APEGA balances all different aspects of the organization very well, from regulation to enforcement, membership entry to CPD and member benefits for the group.” — Member survey respondent

members more” (63%) and “doing public relations” about the professions (51%).

These will be areas of focus for 2020.

Feedback from the public and municipalities showed they trust our members as much as they trust other regulated professionals. Yet, they generally don’t think about engineers and geoscientists, because they have no cause to do so. We have been keeping the public safe.

We knew we needed to expand our efforts. However, we first needed to know the perceptions and needs of our stakeholders prior to launching a public awareness campaign. Given we had not conducted market research in more than five years, in 2019, we surveyed members, municipalities, and the public to understand each group’s needs, levels of awareness, and understanding of the value APEGA provides. Using representative samples, more than 15,000 (26%) members and more than 1,300 public participants responded, giving us statistically relevant results.


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