Annual Report 2019


Engineering and geoscience are core to our society. Wherever you look, you will see something these professions have touched—whether it’s the car you drive, the water you drink, or the smartphone you use. Professional engineers and professional geoscientists played a part. Such critical and life-altering professions must be regulated. That’s where APEGA comes in. We license the people and the companies performing engineering and geoscience in Alberta. We ensure they are competent, ethical, and professional. When necessary, we investigate and discipline them—part of our commitment to protect the public.

APEGA regulates more than 72,000 members and 4,600 permit-holding companies—making us the largest organization of self-regulated professionals in Western Canada. And all of this is done through member and permit dues—not tax dollars. It’s a huge responsibility—one we’re proud the Government of Alberta has mandated to us through the Engineering and Geoscience Professions Act . APEGA has served and protected the public for 99 years. Our core values of integrity , service , accountability , and innovation guide us and ensure we will continue to place the public first for years to come.


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