Annual Report 2019



The Practice Review Board (PRB) ensures that APEGA’s licensed professionals using reserved titles and designations, controlled by the Engineering and Geoscience Professions Act (e.g., engineer and geoscientist), are qualified and competent to practise, and through their practice, they adhere to the standards, regulations, and ethics of these professions. Appointed by the Minister of Labour, I have the responsibility to fully participate in the work and decisions of the PRB to ensure the public’s interests are fully represented in the Board’s considerations, deliberations, and decision-making processes. The Practice Review Board undertakes its responsibilities and work by making recommendations involving: • requests for reinstatement of APEGA licensure • requests to change practising status (e.g., permission to resume practice, non-practising declarations, and requests for special consideration to reduce the continuing professional development obligations based on employment or personal circumstances) • professional practice reviews of permit holders, which include file reviews, on-site reviews, and audits of their Professional Practice Management Plans, as required by the Engineering and Geoscience Professions Act

• monitoring member compliance with the mandatory Continuing Professional Development Program • conducting inquiries into ethical conduct and skilled practice • revisions to and development of APEGA practice standards, guidelines, and bulletins In 2019, 38 new practice reviews were initiated with a carry-over of 25 reviews from 2018, resulting in 27 reviews being completed. Although this undertaking is still a small percentage of the total number of permit holders in Alberta, these reviews have had a significant impact on these companies, along with well- attended Permit to Practice seminars and information sessions provided by APEGA’s Professional Practice staff. Tangible results included: • improved oversight of their licensed professionals’ compliance to the Continuing Professional Development Program. Of all permit holders reviewed to date, approximately 25 per cent of all licensed professionals are NOT in compliance with APEGA’s mandatory CPD Program • increased understanding and better awareness of, and adherence to, Alberta’s legislation and regulations, as well as APEGA’s bylaws, standards, and guidelines


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