Annual Report 2019


• improved internal controls on ensuring the appropriate use of reserved titles Other issues identified through these reviews: • better controls are needed when relying on the work of others and outsourcing • multinational companies often employ trained engineers and geoscientists who, although they contribute to the practices of engineering and geoscience in Alberta, are not licensed with APEGA The Board and staff have continued to offer information sessions, advice, and various opportunities for improvement to effect changes and corrections to bring permit holders into compliance, and to strengthen their practices of engineering and geoscience. In addition to the seven Practice Review Board meetings in 2019, an internal review committee called the Transformation Working Group, on which I served, was formed. Its terms of reference included improving the way the PRB executes its responsibilities to make the best use of hard-working volunteers and staff in carrying out its mandate as directed by the strategic efforts of APEGA Council. In 2019, the PRB handled 434 reinstatement applications, 141 resumption applications, and 364 special consideration requests. The PRB also drafted a practice bulletin, which was approved by Council, that

requires licensed professionals to oversee the work of concrete-testing labs. I am very encouraged by the initiatives and dedication of the Practice Review Board volunteers and staff, as well as APEGA Council, in taking bold steps to improve their service to members for the overall benefit of Albertans. I commend them for their professionalism and diligence, and I have appreciated APEGA staff and the other volunteer members of the Board fully embracing and giving due consideration to my input on behalf of the public interest. It continues to be an honour to serve on APEGA’s Practice Review Board, ensuring the public’s interests are well represented and implemented. Respectfully submitted, Maria David-Evans, B.Sc., MBA, MA, RSW Public Member


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