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For example, I have a mastermind client who is in functional medicine. He is advertising in a gym and does amazing things to help people lose weight. One reason people get stuck and can’t lose weight is because of their thyroid. Originally, his team wanted to make the ad all about keeping your thyroid in check, but this approach was way too narrow. If he’d gone that route, he would have literally eliminated over 98% of the people who have no clue they have a thyroid issue. So, even if 1,000 people had seen it, only 20 of those people would have known they have this condition. That would have been the best-case scenario. Of those 20, how many do you think would have responded? Not many. The offer was too narrow. To come up with a lead magnet, you need to go broad, not narrow. We can use other marketing and methods to filter at a later time. When I need to create a new lead magnet, I ask myself, “What is my prospect thinking about or worrying about 30, 60, and 90 days before they buy from me?” In the case of my mastermind client in functional medicine, leads are thinking about getting into shape and losing weight. After all, they’re at a gym. It is 100% guaranteed that a weight loss lead Continued on Page 2 ...

page or landing page they first arrive at. I just reviewed a landing page for a client, and the call to action on the page was to schedule an appointment. The mistake being made here is common and comes from days past. Think about how business was done in the ‘90s. When someone called or walked into your store, they were interested in buying something. That’s just not the case for someone hitting your landing page today. Odds are the website visitor is nowhere near the buying stage, so asking them to go from “This is interesting. Let me check it out” to “I want to schedule an appointment with a salesperson” is a massive jump, and it simply doesn’t work. To be a great marketer, you have to slow your process and be willing to help others get what they need to make a buying decision (mostly) in their time frame. The easiest way to slow the sale down — which ultimately results in more leads and more sales — is to make a lead magnet offer on your website or landing page. Lead magnets are simple in concept, but so many people get them wrong. The No. 1 mistake I see in lead magnets is that the entrepreneur makes them too narrow.

If you’ve been reading this newsletter for any length of time, you know I don’t write a ton about lead generation. It’s not that generating leads isn’t near and dear to my heart, because it is, but for most businesses, lead generation isn’t the issue. The issue in most cases is churn, poor sales systems, no systems or processes, or something else along those lines. But what if the thing your business needs most right now really is more leads? What do you do? Emails only have an average of an 11% open rate. ON THE FLIP SIDE, DIRECT MAIL HAS A 90% OPEN RATE ...

The first step in getting more leads is to review what you’re asking your lead to do on the home




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