The Newsletter Pro - July 2019


If I were writing a lead magnet on losing fewer customers, I would point out that the No. 1 reason a customer leaves is that they feel like the business is indifferent to them. The best way to overcome this obstacle is to build a relationship with your customers and let them know more about who you are, both personally and professionally. Once they feel connected to you and feel like they know you on a personal level, that perception of indifference will go away, as long as you nurture the relationship. I would then tell people that there is one huge issue with building customer relationships: distribution. How do you build a relationship with someone without communicating on a regular basis? I would then point out that most other methods of communication are lacking. Emails only have an average of an 11% open rate. On the flip side, direct mail has a 90% open rate, so newsletters are an effective vehicle for building relationships and, in turn, lowering the number of customers you lose each month. Of course, the above example is a very abbreviated version. If I were creating a real lead magnet, I would have gone way more in-depth, but hopefully that example drives my point home and helps you see how to pivot the message of your lead magnet when you go wide. Many people overcomplicate lead magnets. I used to do just that, so I understand. The good news is that they don’t have to be complicated, they don’t have to take weeks to create, and they can have a profound impact on your company’s success. P.S. Have you ever wondered if a newsletter would make sense for your business? Do you want better relationships with your customers so they stay longer and spend more? Would you like to get more referrals? If so, chat with a Pro. We have some exciting new options that can take your relationship marketing game to the next level and boost your profits to new heights. Go to schedule or scan the QR code here. To scan a QR code, just grab your phone, open your camera, hover it over the QR code, and watch the magic happen.

or “Get More Referrals.” If we don’t educate leads on why they would even want a newsletter, people disqualify themselves because they don’t know that if they lower the number of lost customers they have each month and get more referrals, they’ll grow faster. We live in a time when people want facts before they make any major buying decisions. With that knowledge, we can provide prospects with the information they want (how to lose more weight or how to lose fewer customers) while educating them on the information they need (how to get their thyroid tested or how sending out newsletters and relationship marketing helps them make more money by decreasing churn, increasing referrals, etc.). There is one problem with going wide: When you create your lead magnet, you have to seed it with information that both directly and indirectly educates people and leads them to the conclusion you would like them to draw.

magnet would get a far better opt-in rate than a lead magnet about thyroid issues. Plus, even if the prospect doesn’t have a thyroid issue, they may still want supplements and/or other treatments to get them into shape. Other lead magnet ideas include a service that helps people who have plateaued on gains or people who have too much stress, which is generic enough to appeal to a large portion of the population. Either way you slice it, fixing the thyroid isn’t a good lead magnet idea in a cold lead-generation setting. I use a book on newsletters as one of my lead magnets. It works well, but with totally cold traffic, it sucks. If you haven’t seen our shock and awe package, you can snag a copy as my gift to you at or text REFERRALS to 208-269-9111.


When generating leads in cold traffic, we have to switch our message to “Stop Losing Customers”




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