Board of Trustees Meeting Agenda | May 20, 2022

Central Washington University Board of Trustees Ma 20, 2022 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY – FY23 Enrollment and Budget Presentation

Enrollment projections are informed by historical yield on applications, as well as other indicators like orientation and housing commitments. In this presentation, we will share a historical perspective on the admissions funnel, and discuss a meaningful change in how we now generate applications for enrollment. In preparation for the Fall ‘16 campaign, CWU engaged Royall, a firm that specializes in application generation. Over time, it became clear that this function should be brought back “in-house,” primarily based on the cost of this service but more importantly the lower yield and possibly lower first year student retention. As this is the first year since Fall ‘15 that CWU has generated applications without Royall (EAB after acquisition), projecting yield will be more difficult. Ultimately, will application to enrollment yields look like pre-Royall or last year? We see indicators that make us lean towards a pre-Royall yield, but we will not know until October. As enrollment is the main driver for our operating budget, we have used our projections to inform the FY23 budget, and like the February meeting, staff have re-designed our approach to the presentation of budget and financial concepts to better match the desire for more consumable information to non- financial users.


Approved for Submittal to the Board:

Joel Klucking, Vice President Business and Financial Affairs

A. James Wohlpart


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