Board of Trustees Meeting Agenda | May 20, 2022

Classified Employee Council

Memorandum To: CWU Board of Trustees From: Lidia Anderson, Chair Date: May 2022

2021-2022 Employee Council Board of Trustees Report On behal f of the Employee Counc i l and the Class i f ied Staff we represent , we would l i ke to thank the Board of Trustees and Pres ident Wohlpart for inc luding us in the processes of CWU governance.


The Employee Council is comprised of six classified committee positions, four delegate positions and four alternate positions.

Lidia Anderson , Chair (Enterprise Applications)

Josie Rollins , Vice Chair (Extended and Global Education) Jon Belford , Web Officer (Public Affairs) Elizabeth Inman , Executive Member (Des Moines Center)

Vene’ Skyles , Secretary (University Housing and New Student Programs) Eric Foss , Executive Member (Biological Sciences) Shelley Berry , Executive Member (Library Services)

Tent Bucy , Budget Officer (Enterprise Accounting) Teena Chase , Publicity Officer (University Housing and New Student Programs)

Caleb Montgomery , Executive Member (Academic Affairs - VP)

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