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How To Strengthen Your Rotator Cuff And Relieve Your Shoulder, Elbow & Wrist Pain

emerging. However, when those pains don’t go away, or when the uncomfortable feelings have certain characteristics, it’s important not to ignore them, and seek help. If you keep experiencing shoulder clicking or “popping,” for example, it may indicate a more serious problem in the shoulder area. Sharp pain should also be checked out with your physical therapist, as this means the shoulder joint is not moving in good alignment. There are also more easily-ignored symptoms, like a dull pain that runs along the side of your arm, or sudden arm weakness whenever you try to carry something or reach for an object. These symptoms, you should definitely not ignore. If you are experiencing shoulder, elbow or wrist pain and need relief now, contact the professional therapists at CCMC Physical Therapy for a chance at a pain free and active life!

Many shoulder injuries result from tasks requiring heavy lifting or repetitivereachingmotions.Alongwithmanual labor jobs,workaround the house such as cleaning gutters or hanging up wet clothes are common culprits. In addition, athletic pursuits like weightlifting, swimming, and tennis can unfortunately lead to shoulder injuries. Along with these activities, passivemovementscanalsobeaproblem. Ifyouhavecontinuouspoor posture, the improper positioning of your shoulders, can make you extra vulnerable to scapula (shoulder blade) and rotator cuff injuries. KNOW THE WARNING SIGNS All of us experience occasional aches and pains from doing too much, which does not necessarily mean a chronic problem is

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