Never Too Late - November/December 2023

Senior Companion Program

Give the Gift of Time

Senior Companion volunteers, like Jose Hernandez, gift their time and friendship to family caregivers in the form of respite, and to isolated older adults through companionship and transportation assistance. Family caregivers matched with a Senior Companion volunteer, through one of our community partners, are gifted with time for self- care, attending caregiver support groups, spending time with friends, and other invigorating activities that help prevent caregiver burnout.

Senior Companion Jose Hernandez (L) with Bruno Loya (R), providing respite to Mr. Loya’s daughter. As an Army & Navy Veteran, and an AmeriCorps volunteer for 17 years, Jose understands the value of gifting time.

If you would like to serve your community and be a lifeline to homebound older adults, please call (520) 305-3453 to learn more about becoming a Senior Companion Volunteer! To learn more about PCOA’s Senior Companion Volunteers and how they may benefit your supports and services, please contact Suzette Gonzalez, Program Supervisor, at This November, and throughout the holiday season, consider giving the gift of time to a family caregiver in your area or a solo senior near you. Learn how to make a difference, in a supportive environment, with the Senior Companion Program. You’ll receive free training, a sense of purpose, peer support, and more! By giving their time and working with community partners, Senior Companion volunteers also gift their clients with the opportunity to form meaningful relationships, improve quality of life, and make new memories.

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Pima Council on Aging

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