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Training Online (Zoom) Dementia Capable Southern Arizona Classes - November & December Dementia Friends Information Session In Person 66% of dementia caregivers said caregiving interferes with their ability to take care of themselves or do daily activities. While you are caring for a loved one living with dementia, try to ensure that there is time to care for yourself. Caregiving can be a demanding and exhausting position. It can be easy to put your needs on the backburner and forget to take care of yourself. Caregivers of someone living with dementia are about twice as likely to experience substantial emotional, financial, and physical difficulties when caregiving. This added stress can increase a caregiver’s risk for physical and mental health challenges. Be intentional about practicing self-care and being compassionate with yourself. Caring for someone with dementia can make it especially difficult to find the time and energy to tend to your own needs. Sometimes you might even feel guilty or selfish when focusing on yourself. Remember that you are important too, and if you have trouble prioritizing yourself, also remember that the healthier you are, the better quality of care you will be able to provide for others. Acknowledge the difficulty of the situation you are in and give yourself credit for everything positive you are doing. Try to designate at least a little time each day for self-care, whether it’s deep breathing, taking a nap, pre-portioning food to reduce missed meals, going for a walk, or attending a support group. Help and support are out there, do not be afraid to utilize them.

Monday, November 6 10 – 11am

Friday, December 8 10 – 11am

Class size is limited. Register today: through Eventbrite at cc/dcsa-1070149 or through this QR code For more information or to register , contact Nicole Thomas at (520) 790-7573 x 1739 or Memory Loss: Progressions, Behaviors, and Interventions part 2 Take a deeper dive looking at caregiver strategies, common challenges, how to approach them, and non-pharmacological approaches to caring for someone with dementia. Gain a general understanding of dementia with a focus on adopting a mindset of creating a dementia-friendly community. Sesión informative de Dementia Friends (Español) (Dementia Friends Information Session (Spanish) Es hora de cambiar la forma en que las personas piensan, actúan, y hablan sobre la demencia. Memory Loss: Progressions, Behaviors, and Interventions part 1 Dive into the progression of dementia, the brain changes that occur and behavior and care tips.

Jueves, 2 de noviembre 3 – 4pm


Wednesday, November 1 2 – 3:30pm


Wednesday, November 15 2 – 3:30pm


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