Case Barnett Law - B2C - April 2019


APRIL 2019

OUR ADVENTURE AT LAKE ARROWHEAD THE BARNETTS ON ICE O ne of my greatest joys in life is being able to travel with my family. We’ve been to a lot of pretty great places, but the trips I love the most are the ones where I’m able to share something new with my kids. For example, this last winter Nicole and I took Finn and Harlow up to Lake Arrowhead to see snow for the first time.

Harlow were sitting on the couch, watching this silly movie for the eighth time together. Finn had his arm around Harlow, and while they were cuddling, I made them bacon and eggs, which Finn called “alien soup.” It’s one of my favorite memories from our trip. When it was time to leave, Finn was not ready. He was so sad and wanted to come back immediately. Fortunately, we have a lot of great trips planned for the future. Nicole and I want to

We knew we were guaranteed to have some snow during our trip, but the night before we went up, they got an extra 18 inches. It was beyond perfect. We had to put chains on the car tires, which Finn thought was the coolest thing ever. He kept talking about what an awesome “invention” it was. When we were driving through the snow, I had to agree with him. The kids were blown away by all the snow and how fresh the mountain air was. Finn called it “sugar air.” He and Harlow loved to stand by the window and breathe it in, despite the cold. We had to bundle Harlow up so much that she looked like Maggie Simpson. Early on, Harlow fell face first into the snow. I was worried for a moment, because it clearly freaked her out at first, but she quickly got back up. She must have decided it was fun, because she kept falling on purpose after that. Nicole’s parents, her sister, and her sister’s son were there too, so Finn and Harlow got to make a lot of fun memories with their cousin. Since this was their first time in the snow, we had a pretty long to-do list. They had a blast making snowballs, throwing the snowballs at trees, and going sledding. As a dad, my favorite part was building a sledding track for the kids. We tried to build a snowman, too, but we weren’t very successful. Harlow ran out of steam pretty fast, and Finn was having more fun sledding. One thing I really love about taking trips with my family is how random stuff that would be mundane at home becomes great memories. We found a movie on Netflix called “Leroy and Stitch.” It’s a sequel to the Disney movie “Lilo and Stitch” and, frankly, it’s a terrible movie. But it will always make me think of that magical family trip. The last morning we were there, Finn and

The kids were blown away by all the snow and how fresh the mountain air was.

take the kids to Yosemite, and maybe rent an RV and drive up the California coast to Big Sur. When they’re older, I’d love to take Finn and Harlow to the state parks in Utah and later out to see the Grand Canyon. Nicole has a lot of wonderful childhood memories from camping and being in the great outdoors. They really shaped the person she is today. Considering she’s a pretty amazing person, I want my kids to have those same experiences. Getting our kids out into

nature is really important to us, and I look forward to all the adventures we’re going to have together.

–Case Barnett

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