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ROMANIT® is a unique natural lime based interior/exterior paint and wash blended with earthen pigments that creates a soft weathered patina reminiscent of the wonderful old world finishes of Europe. Slaked, aged lime gives this finish its ageless beauty and makes it 100% natural. It is ideal for restoration of historic masonry surfaces as it breathes and allows moisture vapor to escape from old walls.

It also creates an old world, traditional finish on newer surfaces that mellows gradually while it weathers away. It is an opaque finish, or can be used as a wash to create time worn appearance on a wide variety of porous masonry surfaces. The mineral matte finish refracts light in a unique way, giving it a luminous quality that cannot be matched by latex or acrylic paints.


An ancient material Lime is an ancient building material and has been used for centuries. The desire to preserve historic walls and facades and the use of compatible and faithful materials demands finishes whose composition, characteristics and performance have been demonstrated over the years, much like the genuine originals. With Romanit you can count on a natural and honest finish that is true to lime’s heritage in both composition and aesthetics. Lime as a binder in paint has its own, very special characteristics. Brilliance and vibrant lightness of color characterize lime finishes, but not with a perfectly uniform surface. Whether new or old, the accelerated ageing process of lime coatings is a specific and authentic feature that is contradictory to current paint technologies. Truly reversible The use of lime products also delivers reversible and temporary coatings which are essential for true preservation efforts.

Lime Wash colors are vibrant and brilliant, will not fade or yellow and deliver a highly desired less-than-perfect finish.

Lime Wash can be installed as opaque in the image at top or as a translucent wash, pictured immediately above, popular on brick and masonry construction.


Naturally Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Today the demand for greener and more sustainable building practices and materials has cast a new focus on the merits of natural lime. A naturally sustainable building material, lime not only stands the test of time, but today delivers an eco-friendly coating solution, both indoors and out. With no added chemicals or asthma triggers, Romanit just may be the most eco-friendly paint available today. And every batch of Romanit is hand-crafted in small batches to deliver unparalleled craftsmanship and depth of color. Mineral pigments are weighed and mixed by hand to deliver exacting color matches every time. Our color masters not only understand how pigments interact, but they are factory trained, knowing the “chemistry” of Romanit too.

Beautiful Indoor Aesthetics Finally, no discussion of lime finishes is

complete without describing the truly unique appearance of lime washed surfaces. The softly “mottled”appearance of lime wash, especially noticeable in darker, vivid colors, is truly unique. Today’s latex and acrylic paints are designed to provide an extremely uniform coverage with very little texture or variance. Romanit, to the contrary delivers a softer, suede-like appearance and light is refracted in all directions, for a natural “glow”, even in low light. A truly radiant beauty that cannot be duplicated in today’s acrylic/latex paints.

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